I was in Lucknow recently for BJP National Executive meeting. Halfway through I decided to go and see the People for Animals shelter. On the way, I saw a road covered with cages. Thousands of parakeets, mynas, munias, bulbuls. I rang up the local district forest officer and asked him to send me a team to arrest the sellers and take the birds. By the time I returned from the shelter and picked up the forest department team they had already informed the sellers and the bird market had simply vanished! Undeterred we went into the houses behind the market and found one with heavy padlocks on it. The chirping of birds could be heard inside. We called the police – the chowki was 50 yards away, shamefully – and they took an hour to come. The locks were broken and the munias, doves, baby parakeets were taken away. If I had not been there the mob of seller would have lynched the forest officers. The DFO told me that that last time they raided the market, they were stripped of their clothes and beaten. No one was arrested. The man whose house we raided had a bold sign on top – Ram Autar (his real name is Sulaiman), Bird and Animal Seller. Just out of jail after 10 months. It had not taken him one day to restart his criminal profession.

While the newspapers were full of the incident the next day, I know it is a useless gesture. The police and the forest department get weekly bribes and even if they did not, they are scared of the physical violence they might encounter in this hardcore criminal Muslim basti called Nakhas. Not just birds are sold here. Bombs, guns and knives are made and every criminal on the run can hide out here. 

The first thing the ranger said to me was – how can we take these birds? They are all foreign. They were not. They were all munias that had been dyed bizarre bright colours. That shows two things: the ignorance of the forest rangers who receive no training at all in wild species or articles. And their readiness to interpret the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 to say that people selling “foreign” bird can do so legally. For years now, every time we catch a birdseller, this is the excuse that the department makes. The seller has no import licence or selling licence; he has brought the birds from Kolkata which is the centre of the trade. But still his birds are “foreign”. As a result whenever animal activists take away birds, the local courts order them to be given back under “custody” to the sellers themselves. Needless to say the case is never heard again and the “custodian” carries on selling them. This useless Jairam Ramesh refuses to correct the error. At the end of his tenure, he will go down in history as the minister who talked the most and did the most damage to forests, animals and the environment.

However, now comes a major ray of hope in the form of a judgment from Gujarat. Every now and then God sends a judge with common sense and humanity. Honourable Justice M.R. Shah of The High Court, Ahmedabad has come as a gentle ray of sunlight through the clouds of forest department ignorance and corruption.

In 2010 Abdulkadar Mohamad Azam Sheikh was caught selling birds in Surat. A criminal complaint under Sections 11 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and Section 12 of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 was filed against him. He had kept 494 birds in tiny cages with their wings and tails cut, cellotaped and with rings on their legs. These birds were confiscated by the police and given to an NGO.

The criminal appealed and typically asked for custody of the birds. Fortunately the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate dismissed the application and ordered the birds to be set free in the sky. The criminal made a revision application to the Additional Sessions Judge who asked for the birds not to be released but to be given to an NGO and costs to be paid to them by the criminals of Rs 1.05 lakhs. 

The criminals then went to High Court in May 2011 and asked for the birds. Their lawyer N.A. Shaikh’s defence was that his clients had been in the business of selling birds and animals for a long time so should be allowed to carry on! This is like catching a man with his 40th murder victim and being told that since he has killed 39 before that, he should be allowed to keep doing it. And, in the same breath, they said that they should be given the birds since it was their first offence!!!! They further argued that no licences were needed for sale of birds. That is true – no licences can be given because the trade is illegal. They also argued that the birds would die with the NGO or the police and therefore should be returned to them.

The lawyers, including the Additional Public Prosecutor, argued that since the way they had been kept was cruel and atrocious, and that as most of them were birds banned for sale, they should not be given back.

The judge quoted a beautiful passage from the ruling by the Supreme Court in the case of Sansar Chand the tiger poacher. It is too long to reproduce here but I will give this judgment’s salient points:

The criminals had failed to prove their ownership. Possession of birds does not mean ownership.

The birds were all being sold without a licence.

No licence could be given by any authority unless the applicants proved that they got the birds without hunting or trapping. Even the business of breeding birds could not be started without hunting or trapping them

The manner that they were kept was inhuman and against the rules of nature and in violation of the right of birds to move freely in the air/sky

Not just the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1960 but Art 51 of the Constitution casts a fundamental duty on every citizen to have compassion for animals and to protect them from unnecessary pain.

Birds cannot be kept in cages because they suffer pain. To keep any birds in cages would be tantamount to illegal confinement of the birds and violative of their right to fly in the open sky

The day has come to think of the fundamental rights of birds and animals: right to live freely, right to move freely. Violation of these rights has caused the decrease in birds and many have vanished.

To keep the birds in cages during the trial is unfair because this may take a long time. Therefore the only order that can be passed is to respect the rights of birds and free them in the sky. Section 451 of the Code of Criminal Procedure confers powers on the court for custody and disposal of property pending trial and if such property is subject to natural and speedy decay or if it is expedient to do so. Therefore the original order of the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate to release the birds in the sky is restored.

This is the most important judgment for the animal welfare movement in a long time. It confers rights on birds. Please make a copy of this article and give it to the forest department. Start catching the bird sellers of any birds in your area. If you want copies of the judgement. I will send them to you. I will also put it on the site www.peopleforanimalsindia.org 

God bless Justice Shah!

Maneka Gandhi
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As scientists progress, they have come to agree with spiritualists who have known for centuries that the mind has many layers. It is not just a simple machine that resides in the neurons of the brain and carries messages to the body. Each layer has a different function.

These are the layers:

The Physical or Gross Mind: This picks up the signals of the body about hunger, pain , desire, the urge to procreate

The Sensory Layer: This is concerned with sensory impulses such as touch, the feeling of fullness, pain , sound, taste and sight

The thinking layer: This is concerned with logic and the ego. This works out actions, devises plans and is the layer that gives us our sense of who we are as individuals. This is the part that is affected with its ego is bruised

The empathy layer: This deals with compassion and a love for others in a non contractual way. This is the one that looks at “dharma” – to do unto others as you would have them do unto you – and is not limited by thoughts of what you get in return

The special gifts layer: This controls creativity and gifts like special memories, clairvoyance. This layer operates when it is free of the clutter of thoughts and ego of the above layers. but it is the layer that operates its gifts without understanding

The Wisdom layer: This is the mind that can see the past/present/future. It is connected to the cosmic mind and has all its power. This is the layer that, when accessed, allows you to live in bliss and understanding  

How to get there? Like a puzzle box, you have to open layer after layer till you reach the wisdom one. Most people don’t get past the first three and spend centuries trapped in the pain caused by their own ego and thoughtlessness. You need to get to the fourth layer of empathy to be able to even peek into the other two.

My own “eureka!” moment came fairly early in life. It seems trivial and perhaps unconnected but it was a turning point in my life. I was in the third standard in Bangalore’s Sophia High school. The junior school had its building right in front of the gate and the third standard children were the topdogs. I really thought I had reached the pinnacle of power and knowledge – until I was promoted to the fourth standard and became part of senior school. The first day I saw an entirely new entrance, building and world with so many wonderful things that I did not even know existed. The wonder of that moment has stayed with me and it opened the door in my brain to the realization that amazing things exist that I am not even aware of. That was when I think I made the leap to thinking and then empathy very quickly. The next two levels need a teacher – and though life has thrown a few my way, I have not crossed the barrier as yet.

Are you empathetic? Do you have the ability to stand in another’s shoes? The first and most logical thing to do is to stop killing. e.g. to become vegetarian.

Though scientists have demonstrated that fish, chickens and all animals feel pain, every year billions of these beings are brutally slaughtered for your consumption. “In order to eat the flesh or milk of a once-living being, we need to disconnect, psychologically and emotionally, from the truth of our experience. We need to “numb” our authentic thoughts and emotions, to block our awareness (i.e., we must think that we’re eating “meat,” rather than a dead animal) and our empathy for the animal who became our food - and awareness and empathy are integral to our sense of self. When we eat animals, we violate our personal integrity. Integrity is the integration of our values and practices. For most of us, our core value system does not condone gratuitous violence toward other sentient beings, so when we consume the products procured by their bodies we are acting in opposition to our deeper values. That is what stops your mind from proceeding further.

The second is to be proud of your non killing status and to thank the gods for having allowed you to make this decision. This immediately opens up an entire field of consciousness: what you wear, what you want, what friends you make. And suddenly you are free of so much anger and hurt and ego that comes with centering on the self. Suddenly you have this tingly feeling that comes with love and excitement. I know. I walk around with it too. Imagine if everyone in the world were to strive to be empathetic – no more wars, food and water and clean air for all, lots of forests and happy children, good neighbours… all from the transition to level four of the brain

Are you empathetic? Empathy does not mean that because you feel the pain of a drug addict, you give him money for more. Or that you drown in someone else’s problems so that you become the sounding board for everyone. It does not mean that you are psychic and interpret someone else’s mind . Or that you suddenly go out and distribute all your money to the poor.

It is the narrow band dictated by the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Think: would I like this person to be rude to me? Would I like to be asked for a bribe? Would I want my legitimate work stopped? Would I like to wait hours for medical treatment? Would I like to be stepped on like an ant or torn apart like a chicken, or strung upside down in a slaughterhouse? Would I like to live in a chawl with no water? Would I like to have false cases on me? Would I like to treated badly my boss? If not, then don’t do it yourself. Do not do anything that you don’t want to happen to you. That is called respect and that translates into empathy. It changes your behaviour and goals. And it opens your brain to the magic of the next layer.

Some people call this the opening of the heart chakra: to experience of the weave of reality. We are not as separate as we seem. Feel all the love that has ever been given to you, and feel and see all those who have ever loved. Include animals, who are great teachers of unconditional love. I believe that when you know how to empathize with others, you will be able to succeed with just about anything that life might bring your way.

Maneka Gandhi
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Yesterday a tiny, scrawny lice infested kitten died in my arms. She had not had food or water for two days. I could see that she wanted to live even though her body had given up on her and her breathing was intermittent and very difficult: I sponged her down, fed her drops of cat milk and glucose , took her lice off , keep her close to my chest, gently rubbed her heart to make her breathe better. I whispered into her ears that she was loved. The doctor gave her instant energy injections. She took a long time to die.

I wish I had some magical healing power. Or even the ability to let her die immediately and peacefully. Perhaps I should learn Reiki.
Reiki started in the early 1900′s invented by Mikao Usui whose teachings involved the use of palms to transfer healing energies from one being to the other . Students are taught different techniques for pressure as well as the pressure points of the body. Reiki is considered a way of channelling healing energy from the universe through the practitioner into the patient. Originally used only on humans it is now commonly used on animals as well.

 Giving a Reiki treatment involves the practitioner putting his or her hands lightly on or near the animal’s body. Different hand positions are used, depending on the condition being treated. This energy flow can be administered either in a “hands-on” way for animals that are used to being touched or it can use a “distance healing” approach to an animal who is not usually touched, such as fish or wild animals. Both approaches work equally well; 

Animals, I am told, respond well to Reiki, specially with regard to muscular aches, pains, back problems and strains. It can reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness and skin or coat problems and is used to Often the animal will enter a state of deep relaxation or sleep. It also helps with behaviour problems or stress due to abandonment or ill-treatment.

Lots of people in India do Reiki. Any Reiki Master can give Reiki to animals. Abroad , many animal lovers who work as animal handlers or in veterinarian's offices are taking Reiki training so they can use Reiki in their work. 

Learn Reiki so you can help animals. Adapt the techniques used for humans to animals. As is the case for humans, Reiki healing sometimes leads to a curing of an animal's illness, but it may also lead to a peaceful death. For a person who has a pet or volunteers at a shelter, Reiki is a healing tool to be able to offer to your animal friends. 

So many dogs come to our shelter that have been abused and thrown out. Shelters abroad get Reiki people to come in once a week who treat the physical and mental conditions of the animals that need it the most.

Here is one case written by a Reiki Master working in an animal shelter “Trooper had been treated so badly that he walked in a crouch afraid to raise his head in case he was hit. He was frightened of everything. I brought him to a room where I gave treatments. The whole way to the office, his body crouched no more than an inch or two off the ground. Every few steps he would stop suddenly in fear, as if he wasn't going to survive the short trip. I began the treatment by introducing myself to Trooper and letting him know that I was there to offer him Reiki, which would help him heal. I let him know that receiving the treatment was his choice. At first, he nervously wandered around the office. But after a few moments, he began to relax, choosing to lay down right under my hands, taking a deep sigh, resting his head on the floor. The whole atmosphere of the office became quiet, relaxed, and incredibly peaceful. 

After about an hour, Trooper woke up, turned around to face me, and gave me the familiar look that many of the dogs I treat give: "Thanks. I'm done now." I thanked Trooper for his openness to healing and took him back to his kennel. Incredibly, he was walking normally, his body no longer slinking along the ground.
His transformation was even noticed by the staff, who exclaimed, "He looks so much calmer than before!" This almost immediate response is very common for the dogs that are treated with Reiki. No matter how stressed out they may initially be, Reiki can help them become calm and relaxed. It is a wonderful feeling to watch the change in their behaviour, the emergence of a peaceful look in their eyes.”

Here is a short guide to Reiki with animals which I read on the Net:

It is important to do Reiki animal healing on your pets as soon as you sense any changes in behaviour habits; temperament, eating, elimination and energy levels. 

When applying Reiki animal healing, lay your hands very gently on the area in question; Do not force the animal to sit still, while you do your work; rather raise your hands just off the surface of the body. Reiki will flow equally even if the hands are up to 4 inches above the skin. Spend extra time on sensitive areas, but remember to treat the animals entire body—other parts reacting to the initial injury can be energized and brought into balance. Continue to treat, until the animal is back to its normal routine without any symptoms.

 When treating domestic animals start the treatment by laying hands at the base of the ears near the neck. This seems to calm down animals. Then the animal can be treated systematically . When working on small animals (mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, frogs, and birds), cup your hands gently around their bodies, without pressure. You may experience a rapid heartbeat, but not to worry, the animal will relax. If the case of caged wild birds or fish in a tank, place your hands around the cage or tank and allow the energy to flow between your hands for 20 to 30 minutes so the creatures have time to absorb the energy they need.

Keep a journal of your treatment experiences on animals, and in time you will build a file on how best to treat animals. Get anatomy charts of animals that you will be working on regularly, so that you can treat them specifically. Or instance if you are treating a cat for "feline leukaemia", you cover the neck area and under the jaws where their lymph nodes are located. Work on the chest where the thymus gland sits and on the belly about 2 inches up from the hind legs on the cats left side . This is effective in building up immunity to the leukaemia. If your cat has a bladder infection, place your hands over the pelvic area on top near the spine. If an animal has a spinal injury, it is effectively treated by placing the heel of one hand at the base of the tail, with fingers pointed toward the head, and the heel of the other hand at the base of the neck, with fingers pointed toward the base of the spine. 

Reiki does not replace medical treatments so do not attempt to a cure for a fracture or a skin disease through sheer touch. It is simply an auxiliary which, I am told, increases the blood circulation and helps muscles to relax, which in turn encourages healing.

Learn Reiki and then come to my shelter. 

Maneka Gandhi
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My son started dating his wife Yamini six years ago. From the beginning, she did not seem a stranger to me but as someone who had come to fill the niche that had been waiting for her. Now, that they are happily married, I am told that ,since I had them married by ancient and strict Vedic rites I should have gone to a Vedic astrologer to see if their kundalis matched for compatability. Since marriage is as an important step in one’s life , in vedic astrology there are special techniques to evaluate whether the relationship will be happy and endure. So the horoscopes are matched through the Koota System, in which physical, emotional and spiritual compatibility of both people is assessed. In this system the matching is done on the basis of the position of the moon when both children were born.

There are 8 criteria ( ashtakoot milan ) and 36 points of matching called guna. If more than 20 points match it is considered to be a good marriage. One of the 8 criteria interests me because it is based on animals. It is called the Yoni Koota

In this koota worth 4 points, the constellations or nakshatras have animal parts called yonis and the object is to discover whether the couple will be physically compatible. The best is to have the 4 points .The worst is zero which indicates enmity. 

 If you have a horoscope you have to see which lunar constellation ( Nakshatra) your moon was in at birth. Moon signs are related to animals and have genders. Every Nakshatra is represented by an animal that has either masculine energy or feminine energy. Masculine energy is active and dynamic while feminine energy is passive or receptive. Ideal physical compatibility is between the male and female of the same species. For example, Ashwa Male and Ashwa Female are compatible. That is, if one of partner’s birth star is Ashwini and the other’s is Shatbhisha, both would be compatible. Some animals are incompatible with each other. However there is no full agreement among Vedic astrologers as to the gender related to a Nakshatra. 

These animals are considered inimical to each other:

 1. Cat (Ashlesha and Punarvasu) and Rat (Magha and Purva Phalguni)

2. Cow (Uttara Phalguni and Uttra Bhadrapada) and Tiger( Vishakha and Chitra) 

3. Serpent (Rohini and Mrigshira) and Mongoose( Uttara Ashadha)

4. Horse ( Ashwini and Shatabhisha) and Buffalo (Swati and Hasta)

5. Dog (Mula and Ardra) and Hare (Jyeshtha and Anuradha)

6. Monkey (Purva Ashadha and Shravani) and Sheep (Pushya and Kritika)


Here is the chart :

 Nakshatra Gender Animal Incompatible Animal(s)

Ashvini Male Horse Buffalo

Bharani Female Elephant Lion

Krittika Female Sheep Monkey

Rohini Male? Serpent Mongoose

Mrigashira Female? Serpent Tiger, Dog

Ardra Female Dog Dog, Rat

Punarvasu Male Cat Monkey

Pushya Male Goat Dog, Rat

Ashlesha Female Cat Dog, Rat

Magha Female Rat Cat

Purva Phalguni Female Rat Cat

Uttara Phalguni Female Bull Tiger

Hasta Male Buffalo Horse

Chitra Female Tiger Cow

 Swati Female Buffalo Horse

Vishakha Female Tiger Cow

Anuradha Male Deer Tiger, Dog

Jyeshtha Female? Deer Tiger, Dog

Mula Female? Dog Tiger, Deer

Purvashadha Female Monkey Dog, Goat

Uttarasadha Female Mongoose Serpent

Shravana Male Monkey Dog, Goat

Dhanishtha Female Lion Elephant

Shatabhisaj Female? Horse Buffalo

Purvabhadrapada Male Lion Elephant

Uttarabhadrapada Female Cow Tiger

Revati Female Elephant Lion

Here are some tips:

• If the woman's Moon occupies a female Nakshatra and the male's Moon occupies a male Nakshatra and the respective animals are compatible, both are extremely compatible.

 • If both partners have their respective Moons in Nakshatras that are both female and the respective animals are compatible, you are compatible.

• If the woman's Moon occupies a male Nakshatra and the male's Moon occupies a female Nakshatras and the respective animals are compatible, there is average compatibility. However, in case both Moons occupy a male Nakshatra, there may be some problems.

Many years ago, my best friend was to be married in an arranged marriage. She came from a royal family. He was from the same caste . Both of them liked each other at once. Her parents brought in the family astrologer and he found that out of 36 points , they matched in 34. It was a match made in heaven, he declared. The only person who repeatedly asked her not to go through with the wedding was me and we did not speak for years – until her second marriage. Her first husband, the groom sent from heaven, started cheating on her almost within a month, demanded money, forged her name and took away her lands and everything she owned, made her desperately unhappy in every way and finally she ended the marriage after he became physically abusive. Either the astrologer was not efficient or perhaps he was just too eager to please.

 So, perhaps it was just as well that I did not go to an astrologer. Why did I write this article ? To show you how our lives entwine with animals in every way, even astrologically.

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To the ever-increasing list of ailments linked to meat like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, colon, breast and ovarian cancer, add one more -- severe loss of calcium with all its attendant ills. Consider this, an average 65 year-old non vegetarian woman suffers 35% bone loss; in a similarly aged vegetarian the bone loss at 18% is half of that! 

Naturally then, meat eaters at greater risk for fractures than vegetarians. The question is how does meat consumption cause calcium loss? 

The answer lies in blood pH levels.

"pH" is a measure of acidity or alkalinity and indicates the hydrogen ion concentration in a fluid. A pH of 1 indicates the highest acidity. At the other end of the scale is a pH of 14 indicating the highest alkalinity. A pH of 7 is neutral. 

Human blood is slightly alkaline, and the body makes every effort to keep the pH level of the blood constant within a very narrow band between pH 7.35 and 7.45. 

 The level is regulated through the urine and the breath. The urine flushes out either increased levels of alkali or acid to maintain normal blood pH levels. Similarly, rapid breathing expels carbon dioxide making the blood more alkaline, while slower breathing increases carbon dioxide in the blood making it more acidic. The balance between carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate in the blood determines its pH level.

 If the metabolism is efficient, then the pH balance depends mainly on the acidity or alkalinity of the diet. Ideally, we should eat approximately four times the weight of alkaline-forming food compared to acid-forming food, or 80% alkalizing to 20% acidifying food. 

Let us look at acid and alkaline foods. Most of our foods supply minerals. The minerals in a particular food are both acid and alkaline. The acid group called Anion is chloride or phosphate, and the alkaline group called Cation is sodium, calcium or potassium. If one of these groups is stronger than the other then the food is either acid or alkaline .

In plants, strong alkalines combine with weak acids The acids may make the food taste acid, as in fruits. However, in the body these organic acids are oxidized and leave an alkaline residue. Therefore, we say vegetables and fruits are alkalizing or alkaline-forming. Alkaline-forming foods are grass juice, sprouted seeds, vegetables, fruits, almonds, most legumes, the outer parts of potatoes, bananas, millet, buckwheat and brown rice. Fresh green vegetable juices and vegetable broths, especially the broth of boiled potato peelings. are the strongest alkalizing foods.

 Animal tissue, on the other hand, contains a high percentage of strongly acidic phosphoric acid . When it reacts with oxygen in the body a strong acid residue remains. Acid-forming foods are meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk,. Other foods, which often form mucus and acids are refined starches and wheat products.

 Overacidity or acidosis has a serious effect on the body. It causes a continual loss of minerals needed to neutralize excess acid. In mineral deficient bodies, sugars, which are chemically neutral and even fruits, which are chemically alkaline, become highly acid forming. The body becomes hypersensitive to pain and the whole metabolism becomes more and more inefficient. Acidity releases histamine which greatly increases inflammations and allergies and renders the skin very irritable. The body becomes oversensitive to pain especially in cases of arthritis and rheumatism, as well as to allergens such as insect stings. In addition, mucus production increases, providing a breeding ground for germs. Tumours too find fertile ground among surrounding tissue that is too acid. 

 But perhaps, the most alarming and largely overlooked effect of overacidic blood is calcium loss. If the blood pH is acidic, then calcium and phosphorus will leech out of the bones to neutralize acid and increase the pH. This is necessary for survival.. The blood needs pH in a very specific range in order to transport oxygen and function efficiently. Therefore, anything that causes low blood pH will lead to calcium loss from the bones. As more and more calcium is leached from the bones, they become brittle and the tissues and joints calcify. As we age, this calcium taken from our bones to neutralize the acid in our blood, accumulates in our soft tissues – where it does not belong- instead of in our bones. Doctors call this "extra-skeletal calcification.". The condition can manifest itself in many ways: heart disease, cancer, wrinkled skin, acute arthritis, kidney stones, osteoporosis, gum disease like caries, gingivitis and pyorrhea, red rimmed eyes, bone spurs, senility, cataracts, headaches and nausea.  
While being prone to allergies and having advanced cancer will cause adidosis due to overproduction of lactic acid, the main reason why people develop overacidity is eating a lot of animal based food and strenuous muscle activity. Switching to a vegetarian diet can prevent or reverse this condition.

Strangely enough , heavy meat eating can also lead to an over-alkaline condition and potassium deficiency, that can cause calcium deposits like kidney stones and bone deformations. The main reason for this condition is a weak liver in combination with a high meat diet.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein (meat). Normally the liver would convert these amino acids into urea and excrete it. But this process requires additional energy as well as specific enzymes, both of which are in short supply in a weak liver. So instead, an increasing amount of ammonium salts are formed. To dispose of these, the body uses up its store of acid minerals, its phosphates and chlorides. An active lifestyle would produce enough metabolic acids like lactic acid to neutralise the excess ammonia, but a sedentary lifestyle means insufficient production of metabolic acids, so the body compensates with acid ions, leaving the body too alkaline. Patients with cardiovascular and other degenerative diseases are often affected in this way. The amino acids in meat also cause ammonium salts to be formed in the kidneys which requires more acid ions for neutralization. 

Alkalosis shows up as a lack of gastric acid resulting in poor protein digestion and mineral absorption. Bacterial overgrowth may extend into the stomach, causing belching, foul breath and gastric complaints. The inflammation response is suppressed making the skin and body insensitive. When the body is too alkaline, have plenty of acid fruits, ascorbic acid (possibly cider vinegar), and vegetarian meals!

Here’s a simple home test to determine your pH level. Dissolve a teaspoon of turmeric (haldi) powder in half a litre of methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol, shake and let it settle to produce a yellow solution. Pour some of the yellow solution into a test tube or a small drinking glass. Add a few drops of urine or saliva, if it turns red then what was added had a pH greater than 6.8 (alkaline), if it stays yellow then the pH is still acid and less than 6.8.

Maneka Gandhi
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