It didn’t come as a surprise when the Annual Health Survey (AHS), findings revealed recently, the number of caesarean delivery in private hospitals across the nation was more than that in government hospitals throughout India.

When two local trains, one Borivli bound and another approaching Churchate collided between Jogeshwari and Andheri station last year, it was reportedly caused by ‘brake failure’.  That they should not have been on the same track approaching each other was simply not discussed.

For 11-year old BabliGhosh, belonging to a nondescript West Bengal town, something as innocuous as being unable to copy a poem into her notebook, turned out to be fatal. In a fit of wild rage, the teacher threw a duster at Babli that hit the child’s head and proceeded to “slap Babli repeatedly,” according to her classmates. Unable to bear the torture, the child succumbed after a few hours.