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Impressive Move by PCC Prez

Very impressive move by Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma, President Pradesh Congress Committee on the serious matter of non-availibility of LTC quota tickets/airfares. 
It has been a common practice for Air India and previously Indian Airlines not issuing NOC to government servants, when such LTC fares are not available.
Rather the staffs have been seen, saying the passengers or the govt. servants, that they will issue NOC only if they purchased Tickets on higher rates from Air India only.
Why are they doing such unlawful practices being govt. employee themselves? When LTC quota ticket is not available and if a passenger is getting lesser fare in Private airlines, why is the need to buy high fare ticket from Air India? And why Air India staffs do not issue NOC, so that the govt employee can buy Cheaper fare ticket in any other airline, if entitled to do so?

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