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Need to come under one roof

Even a Labour working for on salary of Rs. 3000, a Govt. servant working on a salary of Rs.7000-30000 or a patient needing for an emergency treatment would know about the fact that Airfares between Port Blair and Mainland (Chennai or Kolkata) are out of range these days, be it peak season or off-season.
The respectable Leaders and Our Administration have been giving the statements that they were writing to the concerned Ministries about the higher airfares prevailing in Andaman sector but everthing seems to have gone in Vain and who knows how much effort has actually been put into aggressive action.
All the Airlines specially AirIndia and others operating in this sector like Jet and Kingfisher are going on increasing the airfares for this sector. 
Individuals are writing, Some politicians and NGO’s are writing but it’s time for them to come under one-roof and approach jointly with a HANDSHAKE-PROTOCOL and talk directly to the Aviation Ministry as well as Chief’s of All Airlines regarding the Airfare problem. Else nothing will be achieved. All efforts will go in vain.
Active Indian
Port Blair