The proposed revision of convoy timings for travel between Jirkatang and Middle Strait through which the number of convoys had been cut short to half of what exists at present (ie., existing 8 convoys stands reduced to 4 convoys) will create more problems than any good.
Since the earlier convoy timings of 630 am, 7am, 730 am 8 am from Jirkatang now stands merged, all the vehicles will now join the first convoy. Which means the first convoy would comprise of around 8-10 Buses, 60-70 passenger car and 15 - 20 goods vehicle. The vehicles when lined up one behind the other, would reach a kilometer in length. Secondly the revised convoy does not differentiate between passenger and goods vehicles. This means the first convoy of around 100 vehicles, while moving (maintaining braking distance) would run to several kilometers!
Letting loose public transport bus, personal cars, tourist cabs, goods vehicles etc all at a time would make the task of looking after the welfare of Jarawa tribes extremely difficult if not impossible.
I therefore suggest there should be a SEPARATE and aptly GUARDED convoy for tourist vehicles in between the (revised) first and second convoy. Similarly there should be a SEPARATE convoy for GOODS VEHICLE between the (revised) second and third convoy. 
Also the reason for full waiver of permit fee causing loss of Govt revenue has not been made public. If the journey across ATR is made free in lieu of curtailment in services, the authorities are doing a great dis-service to the exchequer as well as the public.
I hope the authorities would take a re-look and rationalize the convoy system and timings keeping in view the exchequer and the needs of the public at large.
Debkumar Bhadra
Shore Point, Bambooflat, S Andaman-744107