Apropos your news item "State Heritage Committee is Eye Wash" I would like to add that one one hand efforts are under way to install a Radar at Narcondum Islands to increase Security cover, putting lives of 300 odd Endemic Narcondum Hornbills in jeopardy, on the other hand, plans are aloof to construct a Yacht Marina at Viper Islands which will allow foreigners to put up in the isolated islands and do what ever they like to do, overlooking the fact that Viper Islands is at a stones throw from Naval Base and ANC HQ, apart from hurting the sentiments of freedom fighters.


Secondly, I fail to understand, the need for a committee to identify Heritage Sites when the sites of historical, heritage etc etc etc are well documented. Whereas issues which require public debate such as Buffer Zone and many more has been decided without involving any public or public representative. Seeing all this bizarre developments, omissions, commissions and committees, one can understand, everything is not well in these islands.

Therefore through the columns of Andaman Chronicle, I request the Hon'ble Lt Governor to take into consideration the needs, aspirations and the feelings of lakhs of islanders, who are not part of any committee, but are going to live here for the rest of their lives with the legacy left behind by his Excellency.

Yours faithfully

Debkumar Bhadra

Shore Point, Bambooflat