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In what could be called as the most shocking revelation, the statue of Father of Nation; Bapu standing at Aberdeen bazaar in front of SBI, PBMC, STS bus terminus, lost its iconic round glasses reportedly sometime after 2010 Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations. The matter was reported by a local daily (Andaman Sheekha) in its edition dated 07/04/2011, but it seems the news had fallen on deaf ears. 
It is this same (statue of) Gandhiji in front of which islands top brass soaked in patriotism assemble on 2nd October and renew their pledge to follow the life and teachings of Bapu. But the fact that the Father of Nation is without his iconic specs for the last more than half year exposes the attitude of the authorities towards Bapu. 
Whether it is ignorance or exceptional tolerance, the fact is Bapu is without his specs for the past few months. I request the A&N Administration to replace the specs at the earliest and save us from the embarrassment.

Debkumar Bhadra
Shore Point, Bambooflat, S Andaman-744107
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