Port Blair, Dec. 6: Every semester, well before the exam, IGNOU students submit theirassignments at Study Centre. After evaluation of the assignments,students must collect their evaluated assignments, with marks, fromthe Study Centre. Presently, the IGNOU Study Centres are returning theevaluated assignments of 2019. All the students are advised to contactand visit their Study Centre to collect the evaluated assignments. Thefeedback on assignments will be useful to improve the performance inexam. It also ensures timely the site grade card marks up-gradationand avoids student grievances in future. The instruction to collectback the evaluated assignments is already given in assignmentsubmission acknowledgement slip, issued by Study Centre. Students maycontact the Study Centre at (0206-Campbell Bay (9476051029), 0205-kamorta (9474207050), 0204-Car Nicobar (9474297381), 0203-Hut Bay(9531807151) 0208-Mayabunder (03193-276464), 0201-Port Blair(03192-237078).