Security Instructions and List of Prohibited Articles

Hon’ble Vice-President of India will address a Public gathering on 17th Jan 2020 at Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Auditorium at 11.00 am. It is hereby requested general public to adhere to the following Security Instructions and list of Prohibited Articles.

(Security Instructions and List of Prohibited Articles)

1. The invitation card is non- transferrable.

2. Invitees may bring some photo identity card (viz. Departmental Photo Identity Card/ Passport/ Driving License etc.) along with the invitation card. Security/Police personnel on duty have instructions to verify the identity of invitees.

3. Invitees may reach the venue of function and be seated by 10.00 am .

4. As the available parking space is limited, invitees are requested to share vehicles as far as possible, to avoid inconvenience.

5. Invitees coming in chauffeur driven vehicles should advise their drivers to take the vehicle into earmarked parking lot immediately after they have alighted. The driver should remain in the vehicle and cooperate in the anti-sabotage check of the vehicles by security staff, wherever requested.

6. Invitees should alight from and also board their respective vehicles inside the parking lots. Drivers should not bring the vehicles near exit point for the boarding of invitees for their return journey after the function is over.

7. Any unidentified, unattended and suspicious object must be immediately brought to the notice of the nearest Security/Police personnel.

8. Driver of the vehicle will ensure that the vehicle which is being driven by him properly checked before proceeding for destination point.

Prohibited Articles list:

Any Bag, Briefcase, pin, eatables, radios, transistors, tape recorders, CD/ DVD, MP -3 Player, cameras, binoculars, Handicam, various electronic gadgets / devices, example -  Ipad, palmtap, laptop, computers, tablets, power – banks etc. digital dairies, palm –top computers, remote controlled car lock keys, arms and ammunition, thermos flasks, water bottles, cigarettes, bidis, match boxes, lighters, knives, razors, scissors, blades, wire pluckers, screwdrivers, blades, alcohol, perfume spray, cans, dagger / sword/ sharp pointed edged materials, firework (s)/ crackers, inflammable items, umbrella, replica fire arms / toy gun, handicam, tear guns, stun guns and explosive in any form etc. 

PBMC appeals all citizens of Port Blair to co-operate and make the function a grand success.