Of late the Agriculture Department has taken a step forward to provide marketing facilities to the local farmers to sell Vegetables and Fruits. A small temporary shed has been allotted for them at Goal Ghar. I would like to inform the concerned Directorate that the shed allotted at Goal Ghar is not a convenient place, as we have been noticing shortage of parking place. I would like to suggest that the Directorate shifts the existing outlet to some other place with parking facility.

After the closure of ANIIDCO Veg. Shop, demand for such outlets has increased. In Andaman, Vegetables and Fruit market is controlled by some big Middlemen who also control the prices. Even though the supply increases but the price never comes down. I would request the Director of Agriculture not to surrender under the pressure from these middlemen and not allow any of its staff as done by ANIIDCO.

A convenient place be provided to these farmers to sell their products and more such vegetable outlets be opened for local farmers in various parts of the city. The Directorate may also arrange for some financial help to the genuine farmers under various schemes through nodal agencies if possible.

I hope that other Departments will take a lesson from Agriculture Dept and will work for the betterment of the Islanders.

Hament Kumar Dhingra,  Goal Ghar, Port Blair