I, as a living common man of this island have a opportunity to inform you regarding the Railways reservation counter of this islands.

Sir, the admin part of the ticket booking station is very dull which drugs a common man to great difficulties.  As we all know that this booking station has a modified routine, different from a railways routine. Then also the staffs is not operating these counters for this mere time too. The counter operating hours have been mentioned 0800 hrs -1400 hrs, in between that they have 1200 hrs - 1300 hrs lunch period, and moreover they have mentioned 1000 -1030 hrs time for TATKAL booking, but the thing is that merely 2-3 persons comes for the TATKAL booking or sometimes these numbers remains to 0 also. However, the staff don't operate any counter during the period i.e 1000 -1030 hrs if no TATKAL passengers comes which leads general public to great difficulties. This condition gets worst when number of passenger for general booking increases. 

These all are being done with mutual understanding of the railways booking station Supervisor.

I also keen to inform you that one counter have not being operated since long time without any reason and anybody ask about this, the Supervisor claim it as a staff been put on inquiry.,

Sir, I further informs you that the inquiry counter also not attended fully.  These all staff are trying to make it as their picnic office only.

On questioning by general public, every time the Supervisor get annoyed. The behaviour of the Supervisor and staff is also very pathetic. 

- A Common Man