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Disaster Management Cell Proves to be A Disaster in Itself: Bisnu Pada Ray

Heavy Rain Experienced in Andamans, Low Lying Areas Submerged 

Port Blair, May 26: Heavy rain with high wind speed is being experienced in Andamans since past 48 hours. As a result, most of the low lying areas in South Andaman got submerged, with water gushing inside the houses of residents, creating a situation of disaster.

The situation is no less than a disaster, said the Member of Parliament, Shri Bishnu Pada Ray, while talking to Andaman Chronicle after visiting the submerged areas today.

After having visited submerged areas like Sippighat, Ograbraj, Old Pahargaon, Austinabad etc. the MP curious to know the preparedness of the Disaster Management, visited the Disaster Management Cell near Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Port Blair.  To his surprise the MP noticed that there were only two persons present in the cell, one posted as Daily Rated Mazdoor (DRM) and the other a Chainman posted in the DC Office. The situation was so pathetic that the two were not able to handle the situation. It was also noticed by the MP that there is a Diesel Generator installed behind the DC Office to be used in case of emergency but the Disaster Management Cell did not even have a torch light, to lead the concerned to the generator.

I believe that thunder showers with heavy wind would continue as per the report of the Meteorological Department, said that MP. In such a situation the preparedness of the Disaster Management Cell seems no less than a disaster in itself, he said.

At Sippighat (Jodi Kilan), I noticed that the old sluice gate has been blocked, resulting in submergence of land. Even though sea level was below 1 ½ meter, there was no chance that flood water could recede, he said.

The Member of Parliament has thus called upon the concerned authorities to pull up their socks and be prepared to handle the situation arising due to the inclement weather.