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Film Making Workshop By INTACH Gets Underway

Film Making Has Huge Potential For Employment Generation: Naresh Chander Lal

Port Blair, June 21: A Film making workshop organised by INTACH Andaman Chapter got underway today at Science Centre, Goodwill Estate, Port Blair. The 10-day workshop was inaugurated by Smti. Abla Samadar, Adhyaksha Zilla Parishad, South Andaman.

Speaking on the occasion, Award Winning Film Director from the Island, Shri Naresh Chander Lal said that there is a great scope of film making in the islands considering the scenic beauty and positive approach of the present Administration. Film making is not a one man show as it involves artists, cameramen, beauticians etc. throwing a wide range of opportunities and scope for employment generation.

There is scarcity of infrastructure to support film makers and this is the reason why Film Directors prefer other locations where such infrastructure is easily available on rent, said Lal. The Award Winning Director therefore urged the Zilla Parishad Adhyaksha to explore possibilities to procure such infrastructure and provide it on rent to facilitate Film Makers.

Naresh further said that he is overwhelmed to see so many youngsters who have come forward for the workshop. As a piece of advice, Lal said that to begin with it is not necessary to have huge cameras etc. for making films. Mobile phones, VHFs, Handicams which are easily available can be used for the purpose. But for this the initiative should come from within, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Mohan, Curator, Science Centre said, the people who contributed for science did not have a science background. Giving examples of scientists, bird watchers etc. Mohan said that Dr. Salim Ali, the birdman of India did not have a graduation to add to his qualification. But it is his determination which made him travel around the country and document birds. Today even the most qualified in the field refer to Dr. Salim Ali’s documentation as reference. Mohan also referred to Dr. Francis, who did research on fishery and his documentation is a reference guide today.

Giving example of elephant that swims across sea, Mohan said that this can be found only in the islands and even Discovery Channel had made a documentary on it. There are many such wonders in the islands like Feral Goats, Peacocks, Spotted Deer and its history which have adapted to the island situation. There are butterflies which are unique to the islands and one such specie found in Mt. Harriet has been named after the Viceroy of India who was assassinated near Hope Town.

The Seaplane in Andamans is referred to as the first seaplane in the country but the fact remains that seaplanes were used in the islands way back in 1938 by British Overseas Corporation. He therefore urged the youngsters to look around carefully and choose subject from the vast sea of treasure available in the islands.

Adding that the Film Making Workshop is not directly related to Science Centre, Mohan said that it was the initiative of Shri Rakesh Bali, Secretary Sports, Arts & Culture that Science Centre could come forward for supporting the workshop.

Film Director Shri Ranjan Das from Film & Television Institute, Pune who would be training the students during the workshop said that he was mesmerised by the beauty of the islands. “I fell in love with this place”, he said.

Through this workshop, the students would first learn how to narrate a story. A&N Islands is full of stories which needs to be exploited and I’m sure that by the end of the workshop the students will be qualified on how to tell a story through films.  

Shri Viplav Shinde from Mumbai, another expert in film making on the occasion said that film making is way beyond Bollywood Cinema. He also expressed the need to know about the various categories of films, documentaries etc. before deciding to start.

Smti Abla Samadar, Adhyaksha on the occasion expressed her happiness for having organised such workshop which is a rare opportunity in the islands. She assured that she would make good use of her chair and discuss the issue of infrastructure with the Hon’ble Lt. Governor.

The programme was coordinated by Ms. Samhita Veda Acharya from INTACH Andaman Chapter.