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Member of Parliament Refutes Charges Framed Against Him

I am not only in favour of re-engaging Part Time Education Employees but also in favour of regularisation of their services: Bishnu Pada Ray

Port Blair, June 23: The Member of Parliament, A&N Islands Shri Bishnu Pada Ray has refuted the charges framed against him vide news items in a section of newspapers allegedly on the basis of statement or communication from State Part Time Education Employees Association (SPTEEA) members.

In a communication the MP said, “The news report mentioning the reference of letter dispatched from MP office alleged that the MP had suggested discouraging opening of pre-primary schools in the islands thus putting the future of the members of SPTEEA at stake. The alleged letter is out of context and the charges are gratuitous and have been designed to defame the MP who has always stood for the welfare and wellbeing of all people in the islands. By presenting a one sided angle of the alleged letter, some in the administrative and political circle are trying to misguide the poor members of SPTEEA for meeting their political ends”.

“In fact the Member of Parliament had written a letter based on apprehensions expressed by worker attached to 699 Anganwadi centres that with the opening of new pre-primary sections in Govt Primary Schools in the UT, the smooth functioning of the Anganwadi centres would be affected. After the reply explanation by the Director of Education vide his letter no. 9-231/STAT/EDN/2012/6206 dated 9th Oct 2012, it became clear that pre-primary sections were mandatory under RTE ACT 2009 and the children group between 3 and 6 years would be accommodated in the pre-primary section in Govt Schools. This would not hamper the functioning of Anganwadi Centres as they primarily cater to children of age group 6 months to 3 or 4 years. Moreover Anganwadi Centres also cater to pregnant women, lactating mother and adolescent girls under a different scheme”.

“In fact the pre primary schools have already been functioning in 111 schools in A & N Islands and incidentally the 465 members of SPTEEA were conveniently engaged in those schools for last many years. And there is no question of stopping or withdrawing the Pre-Primary Sections in already running schools. There is no logic to say that the letter allegedly discouraging new pre primary schools from opening, has put the lives of SPTEEA members in dark.

“Moreover the fact is that in compliance with the RTE Act the pre-primary sections have already been started in many of the schools, despite the allegation that the MP discouraged the opening of pre-primary section in Govt primary schools.

“The members of SPTEEA are being cleverly misguided that just because of MP’s letter the job opportunities of the 465 members have been put to stake. The members of SPTEEA need to understand that MP’s letter is being treated as excuse to throw away the most eligible and experienced 465 part time workers of Education department out of jobs and create a misconception. Under these excuses the Administration is planning to sideline the members by diverting their attention.

“There has been no scraping of Pre-Primary Sections in the schools; rather there has been further increase of Pre-Primary Sections in Primary Schools which were not available earlier. Now what stops the Administration in engaging SPTEEA members from re-engaging them? It is only the intension.

“The Administration’s Head, The Director of Education and the President Congress Party are taking the members of SPTEEA for a ride and are using them for political gain.

“I have been pressing and is still in favour of engagement of the members of SPTEEA continuously in the Department.

“Through this press release I wish to make it clear that I am totally in favour of not only re-engaging of the SPTEEA employees in the Education Department but also for regularisation of their service as permanent employees. 

“I suggest that the 465 members who have been thrown out of job should be re-engaged in the same schools were they have been working for years and also suggest that they should be exempted from new rules of education qualification, which is being proposed for fresh part time employment in the schools”, the communication adds.