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Poor Telecommunication Services in Carnic; MP to Take Up Matter With Higher Authorities


Port Blair, Aug. 11: Poor telecommunication services of the BSNL have made life miserable in Car Nicobar. This was brought to the notice of the Member of Parliament, Shri Bishnu Pada Ray during his visit to Car Nicobar by the village captains. It was also observed by the MP that the services at Head Quarter and adjoining areas though are somewhat satisfactory but the condition is worst in the outer areas. Even at the nearby Tamaloo village the network is not available most of the times. The villages like Big Lapathy, Mus, and Aerong are out of the coverage area of the Network.

Upon reaching Aerong Village, the MP was informed by the people that the network is unavailable for a long time. The second captain of the village Shri Sunny James informed that the BSNL Tower at the village is not functioning since the day of its installation. The generator is not working and the people of this distantly located village are totally cut-off from the other part. The situation becomes worse during times of emergency when people want to call the ambulance to shift seriously ill patients.

Sunny James suggested that the Administration should allow the other Telecommunication Companies too, to operate in Car Nicobar, so that the fate of the people is not decided by BSNL alone.

The second captain also informed the Member of Parliament that he himself has written many letters to the BSNL Authorities, requesting them to make the tower functional, but nothing has been done so far. Upon hearing the grievances, Shri Ray assured that he will talk to the higher authorities to improve the communication facilities in the region.