Saving water is the simplest and least expensive way to protect our water resources. Water is scarce yet we take it for granted, waste it and even pay for the expensive packaged water bottles. Let us all be responsible and do our part in conserving the most precious gift of nature by adopting the following points strictly.

 All citizens must get float valve fixed in their over head tanks and sump tanks to stop wastage of water.

 It is seen that during the supply hours publics use pump to draw water from our feeder lines which needs to be avoided strictly so that equal distribution of water is made to all. Strict action along with disconnection of pipe line will be taken against all defaulters.  

 To shut their taps while leaving on vacations

 To avoid overflowing of tanks.

 Not to hamper PBMC feeder lines illegally.

 Use water sparingly.

 Avoid washing of cars directly from pipe line.

 Any complaints or leakages of water identified by public may be informedon the flowing numbers.

1. Chairperson PBMC-9932080474.

2. Secretary, PBMC -9474282277.

3. Superintendent Engineer, PBMC- 9933243980.

4. Executive Engineer (Water Works)-9434282823.

5. Police Line tank-232732.

6. Buniyadabad tank-232754.

7. Lamba line-234713.


Municipal Council