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DSS to be blamed for this






I want you to bounce the condition of the interior of the vehicle ferry in front of the administration, which transport people from Bambooflat To Port Blair and vice versa. People use to travel in this and during working days there is a lot of rush, if you see the interior of the vehicle ferry, even a dog would not sit inside it, but we the people have to compromise with it. It's the responsibility of the DSS to maintain it, I am not saying that they don't do, they take the vehicle ferry for service, and when it comes back after some months, it would look like new but after few days again the condition changes as the same now....  People use to spit where ever they want, spitting in the sense eating tobacco (Paan) and spitting inside the vehicle ferry, as they have too much of laziness to spit outside. In The Photo you can see that it’s written "Spitting Is Prohibited" but see the guts of the person who have spitted on it.

The photo also shows school students, or the students who use to go for private tuitions, writing abusive words on the benches with markers, giving number of their friends to play prank with them, which is nothing but spoiling our national property. Not even a single place is left without markers, doors, windows, benches, everywhere there is something written on it. Don't you think someone must be appointed for this, to stop such activities? Many tourists visit Mount Harriet and travel in these boats. Andaman is a great place for tourists but if we spoil our property in this manner, what would be the impression carried by the visitors about our Islands?

C.H. Mohammed Ashraf (Student Of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Institute Of Technology)