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BiRam Technologies to Launch First Edition of My Andaman Entrepreneurs Award 2019

Port Blair, July 22: “When was the last time any entrepreneur of these islands was appreciated, recognized or awarded by any local body?”, asked a Germany returned entrepreneur of these islands, in a press conference in the conference hall of Directorate of Industries in Port Blair at the launch of the first edition of “MyAndaman Entrepreneurs Award 2019”. Sunil Gupta is the Co-founder and CEO of BiRam Technologies Pvt. Ltd and is taking this first step towards ‘Empowering Entrepreneurs’ of Andaman and Nicobar Islands with ‘MyAndaman Entrepreneurs Award 2019’.

It is to be noted that BiRam Technologies Pvt. Ltd was selected by 10,000 Startups, NASSCOM, Bangalore in 2015 and in 2019 it got inducted in Start-up Warehouse, Department of Industries, Udyog Parishar, Middle Point, Port Blair. It is registered as a MSME as well.

Gupta explained that MyENA’19 is a process of identifying, evaluating and awarding the desired and qualified entrepreneurs. Also, MyENA’19 would not end with award ceremony in September 2019 but would continue with delivering mentorship, organising knowledge sharing events and facilitating various meet-ups for a year long.

The available categories of awards are “Customer Satisfaction”, “Employee Satisfaction”, “Management”, “Innovation”, “Technology” and “Automation”. Any business owner or entrepreneur can apply for an award with condition that their company must be registered with Government of India in centre, state, UT or any local body like municipal, tourism, IP&T, Labour Commissioner etc. They can apply for “a business”, “an entrepreneur” and they can “nominate their employee” too. To encourage the social workers and organization there is a special section of award is also created called as “Public Nominated”. It could be person or an organization, said Gupta.

We also have special appreciation awards for women and un-categorised section of entrepreneurs who contribute to the society yet not recognized by any Govt. body.

After evaluating the nominees the selected Entrepreneurs would be awarded accordingly in a mega event in September 2019 in Dr B.R. Ambedkar Auditorium.

To apply one needs to download their android mobile app named “MyEna” or www.myena.in. Nomination froms will also be accepted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , call, sms and whatsApp to 9008524726.

Nominations in plain paper will also be accepted to any sponsors of MyENA as mentioned below:

Biju G, Coral Creek Resort, Baratang

Anil Kumar, Cut Studio, Phoneix Bay

Sanjay Kumar Pandey, Island Ship Repairers, Lillypur

Ehtesham Ahmed Khan, Jashn Event Management, Phoenix Bay

Yogesh Kumar, MTV Info Computer, Junglighat

Pankaj Kumar Dhingra, Navjeevan Enterprises, Ghanta Ghar

Mohd Rafique, Andaman Inn Travels, Dignabad

UV Anumod, Anumod Bakery, Phoneix Bay

Abdul Majeed, Ashna Button House, Aberdeen Bazar

Rajesh Arora, Ashok Cloth House, Ghanta Ghar

Vishwajeet Kumar, Equalsign Coaching Institute, Middle Point

Sanjay Kumar, Sri Harshita Electricals, Junglight

Virendra Singh, Icon Agency, Medical Road

K Raja Kumar, Mumbai Ad Films, Garacharma

Sandeep Kishen, Sea Razor Boat, Vijay Bagh Road

Shahil Abrol, Universal Sales Agencies, Ghanta Ghar

Sunil believes that appreciation is the first step towards recognition which leads to a happy life, society and county. According to him if you practice appreciating your loved ones at least thrice a day on daily basis will do magic in your relationship.

He further said, it was in April this year when work on this model started taking shape in various entrepreneurs meet-up, over party and other get together.

Gupta had come across many entrepreneurs from these islands who were confused over the very basic questions of business like “How to start a company?”, “Where to get a website?”, “to focus on marketing or branding?”, “how to treat employees?” etc. Even many entrepreneurs had registered for GST whereas it was not required for them to do so. With this Sunil understood that there is a need of a common platform that addresses common issue of “mentorship”, “knowledge sharing” and timely “recognition” of the entrepreneurs of these islands.

He believed that there is need to develop entrepreneurship among the business (wo)men in islands. Also, he questions that why the Entrepreneurship in tourism increased many fold than any other sector even though the Govt. has introduced many beneficial scheme across the sector. Why that many seats are still go vacant in start-up cell in Andaman whereas there are huge demand everywhere in India? Why the parents in Govt. Job are very reluctant to send their children for private job in Andaman? The answer Gupta believes is because they cannot see their children working more than them and getting lower salary in initial years. 

Future is not for jobseeker but job creators that we all must understand. We must teach our children to face the problem and find a solution for the problem instead of running away. One cannot build the roads for their children but make them nourish according to the roads, opined Gupta.

  • Written by Denis Giles
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