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Doubling Farmers’ Income

Series of Steps Undertaken by AHVS to Uplift Farmers’ Socio-Economic Status in Isles

Port Blair, Nov. 15: Doubling of Farmer income has been the vision of our Prime Minister and in that diversification of agro based practices is required in order to achieve the target. The Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services is working vigorously towards harnessing the economic potential and increasing the income levels of the farmers. Series of steps have been taken which have contributed in alleviation of farmers socio-economic status.

The Department of AH&VS has been implementing up- gradation of local cattle using Artificial Insemination using semen technology.  8039 Artificial Inseminations have been performed and 3851 calf born during 2017-18 through Artificial Insemination. 2.03 Lakh chicks/ducks/backyard poultry birds distributed on subsidy basis. The milk production has increased from 15 thousand MT in 2013-14 to 17.15 thousand MT in 2017-18. It further aims to reach 20 thousand MT by 2023.

The Department has provided grant-in-aid of Rs.3.15 crores to ANIIDCO for establishing cold chain facilities for collection and transportation of milk from North and Middle Andaman, thereby providing better marketing facilities.

The Administration has introduced an immunization programme for rural backyard poultry in which part time volunteers are provided incentives to vaccinate birds against Rhanikhit/IBD. The scheme also provides a source of additional income especially to women and unemployed youth. 6.6 lakh birds have been vaccinated by now under this scheme.

To improve availability of feed and fodder, the Department provides grant-in-aid to PRIs for developing grazing land and also introduced alternate feeds technology like Azolla and Hydroponic techniques.

To assimilate farmers with newer technology, the Administration has set up a Hydroponic machine at Dollygunj for growing fodder which will reduce farmers’ dependency of land and climate for growing fodder varieties.

The AH&VS Deptt provides free health coverage and distributes farm inputs on affordable rates to Livestock farmers for setting-up small livestock units.

For the upsurge of growth, the Department will be implementing a project on employing Embryo Transfer Technology to improve Dairy Sector in collaboration with National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) By January, 2019. The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, GOI, has approved the proposal for induction of 2500 embryos of elite indigenous milch animals using ETT, and has sanctioned a sum of Rs. 307.50 Lakhs. It is expected that milk production will increase by 300000 Kgs per annum from the fourth year of the project onwards. Further, in close cooperation with National Cooperation for development of Cooperative (NCDC) , The department has undertaken number of initiatives.


The A&N Administration is inducting 3000 high milk yielding indigenous milch animals from mainland by 2019. This will increase the milk yield to 27000 litres per day.

For cold chain process, it plans to establish 20 units of Chilling infrastructure with Milkoscan of 500 litres capacity and 17 units with 1000 litres capacity by the end of next year.

Acquiring 5 units of Milk tankers with a 3000 litres capacity.

For Value addition, Paneer processing planta are proposed to come up at Diglipur and Mayabunder by the end of 2020 and will enhance the income opportunities.


The Administration has planned to provide 50 units of (20+1) size comprising 20 doe and 1 buck of by 2019.


The Department gives thrust on poultry sector and intends to setup 100 satellite poultry farms by next year with a financial outlay of 2.5 Cr. and 100 cooperative  members will be given these to manage.

The satellite farms will be supported by Mother Poultry farms which are planned to set up at 5 major hubs at an estimated cost of 50 lakh.

It will set up 5 poultry cooperative society for marketing purposes with an outlay of 5 lakh by March, 2019.


The Department will purchase and maintain 100 breeding stock of large white Yorkshire under a proposal amounting to Rs. 158.3 lakh by December, 2019. The piglets will be distributed to the members of village cooperative at affordable rates.


The AH&VS Department has an intent not only to provide substantive intervention in input, cold chain processing and output side but to enhance the skills of the farmers, Society members and chairman of the cooperatives. They will be trained for adopting management practices required for production of hygienic and quality of milk, meat and eggs including farm management, fodder production, health care, breeding aspects etc. to set up. It will invest to the tune of Rs 30 lakh for more than 400 personnel to be trained within next two months which will have long standing effect on improving quality of produce.

  • Written by Denis Giles
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