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RD Ministry Sanctions Rs.14.78 Cr. for Upgradation/Improvement of Rural Roads

Port Blair, Nov. 18: As per the recommendation/certifications and following the vigorous persuasion by Shri Bishnu Pada Ray, MP with the APWD, A&N Administration and Ministry of Rural Development, GoI, New Delhi,  32 No. of rural roads (Great Nicobar - 3 Nos, Rangat Block - 11 Nos, Ferrargunj Block - 10 Nos, Little Andman - 03 Nos, Port Blair CD-II & III block - 05 Nos.) for a total length of 39.11 kms with an estimated cost of Rs.14.78 Cr. for upgradation/improvement of rural roads under PMGSY scheme has been sanctioned by the Ministry of Rural Development, GoI, New Delhi on 13.11.2017. 

The name of roads are (1) Permanent shelfter and Rajeev Nagar (2) Govind Nagar road (3) Laxminagar village road under Campbell Bay Tehsil (4) Mithila village road (5) Kaushalya nagar village road (6) ATR to Bamboo Tirkey (7) Uttara East Corner to Uttara jetty (8) Vishnupur - Bakultala village road  (9) Dashrtpur vilalge road (10) Bharatpur village road (11) Kalsi village road (12) Panchawathi to Agriculure form (13) Nimbutala village road (14) Jarawa creek to Rajat Garh under Rangat Tehsil/Block (15) Mithakhari village road (16) Caddle Gunj village road (17) Collinpur road (18) Namunaghar to Dandus point jetty (19) Chunna bhatta to Forest Gate (20) Mathura Village road (21) Tushnabad to Ranchi basthi road (22) Ferrargunj to Bengali basthi (23) Medical Pahar to Bambooflat -I village road (24) Forest Camp road at Majeery under Ferrargunj Block (25) Kiched Nallaha Hut Bay (26) Rabindra Nagar village road (27) VK Pur Village road under Little Andaman (28) Shedu Telerabad Road (29) New Bimblitan near Sub-center road (30) Telerabad - Village road (31) Makhapahad road (32) Kalighat village road. Further details of length of each road, estimated cost etc. are available in the MP office.

  • Written by Denis Giles
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