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Suicides Due To Family Issues, Marital Discord Soar

• In mid-May this year, a 24-year-old married woman was arrested after her 20-year-old boyfriend Gangude committed suicide allegedly because she forced him to continue with their illicit relationship. The accused stayed with husband and daughter in a Khar slum and had been in a relationship with the deceased for the last two years. Just last year, the Gangudes shifted to Diva but would continue to talk to the woman on phone. Sometimes, she would call him over when her husband was away. Reportedly, Gangude reportedly wanted to break up with the woman but couldn’t as the woman would allegedly threaten to level false allegations against him if he tried to distance himself from her. On the fateful day, the woman called him to her home, where the two had an argument and the man consumed poison.

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  • Written by Gajanan Khergamker
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