Port Blair, Jan 13: More than fifty turtles were found dead in in the North Andaman District on Sunday 10th Jan 2021. The dead turtles were washed away in the shores on a decaying condition and was noticed by the locals first. They were found in Kalipur Beach, Lamiya Bay in Diglipur and also at Karmatang Beach in Mayabunder.

Though the post mortem examination has been conducted by the Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, the report is not yet made public or shared with the media.

Spotting of dead turtles belonging to the same species i.e. Olive Ridley had raised many suspicions among the minds of the general public. It was just a few days ago that Turtle Nesting had started in Lamiya Bay and Kalipur with as many as 40 nesting counted in each beach. Speculations are that the deaths are a result of fishing net but the exact reason is not made clear by the concerned Wildlife Division in spite of post mortem conducted.

Its high time the Wildlife Division of A&N Forest Department came out with the facts and a thorough investigation conducted with the assistance of Police. Deaths of a large number of turtle who had begun nesting cannot be taken light.