Transport Department Cautions Vehicle Owners

Port Blair, Oct. 3: It is a prevalent practice amongst vehicle owners to ply their other State registered vehicles in A&N Islands without informing the Transport Department, A&N Islands which is violation of the provision of MV Act. In the absence of data on such vehicles, Transport Department finds it difficult to trace the details, especially in the event of an accident or other untoward incident.

According to section 49 of the said Act, motor vehicle owners must notify the registering authority of their new change of residence or place of business, failure to do so will result in penalties under the MVA Act 2019. Rule 39 of ANIMVR, 2006 States that when any motor vehicle, which is not registered in the UT, is kept for more than 14 days, the owner must inform the Registration Authority, A & N Islands, providing information such as his name, address, registration number, description of the vehicle, and date of issue of permit (in case of transport vehicle).

It is imperative that all motor vehicle owners who registered their vehicles in other States but brought them to A & N Islands inform this office within 14 days of the change of address in order to avoid legal action. Such owners are also advised to keep documents related to transportation of their vehicles to this UT for verification. 

Despite being published in local newspapers on earlier occasions, such vehicles continue to ply on the road in violation of the law. Transport Department has once again advised all owners of vehicles registered in other States to inform the details of their vehicle along with their complete contact information to Transport Department, A&N Islands in compliance to Section 49 of MV Act, 1988 and Rule 39 of ANIMVR. Failure to comply with these legal provision will attract penal actions.