Port Blair, Sept. 21: The A&N Traffic Police has made significant strides in enhancing road safety, enforcing traffic rules, and engaging with the community across the Port Blair city.

This year, A&N Traffic Police has conducted 39 awareness classes in schools/colleges and other Govt. Institutes and engaging approximately 6000-7000 participants, which includes commercial vehicle drivers. These initiatives have successfully instilled a sense of responsibility and awareness within the community. Additionally, conducting similar classes at the Children Traffic Park, aimed at nurturing responsible future road users.

Stringent actions against traffic violators, including reckless and drunk driving, have had a significant impact. With 11652 MV challans and 1332 cases of drunken driving recorded during this year upto 19.09.2023 to emphasize the consequences of irresponsible driving.

The Traffic Warden Scheme, involving faculties/teachers from schools for student safety during peak traffic hours. These wardens assist children in crossing busy streets and promote pedestrian safety awareness.

To tackle traffic congestion issues, measures such as diverting Buses/HGVs from Dairy Farm Junction to Junglighat via Vijay Baugh Road have been implemented. The introduction of one/two-sided parking in key areas like Junglighat, Bathu Basthi, and Aberdeen Bazaar has also improved traffic flow and reduced confusion.

A&N Traffic Police mission is to create a safe and secure road environment for everyone in the A&N Islands.