Campbell Bay, June 24: On 20 June, the Indian Coast Guard Component of ANC demonstrated its commitment to maritime safety by swiftly responding to a distress call from the fishing boat Flobel (IND-AN-SA-MM-2117). The vessel, located 23 Nautical miles from Campbell Bay, reported flooding in its engine room.

Upon receiving the distress call, ICGS Rajkiran, on surveillance duty, immediately proceeded towards the distressed fishing boat at maximum speed. Despite challenging conditions, the Ship reached the location at 2050 hours on 20 June 2024.

A boarding party consisting of a technical crew was dispatched to assess and mitigate the flooding. Initial investigation revealed that the boat, which had departed from Junglighat harbour, Port Blair for fishing on 13 Jun 2024 with crew of nine, was experiencing seawater ingress from the propeller shaft entrance and a loss of propulsion due to engine pulley misalignment.

The technical crew promptly arrested the flooding and realigned the engine pulley to restore propulsion. Despite the adverse sea conditions, the ICGS Rajkiran successfully transferred the fishing boat to ICGS C-414 at 2330 hours on 20 June 2024. ICGS C-414 then escorted the vessel to Campell Bay Harbour for defect rectification and safety measures.

This response highlights the ICG component of ANC dedication in ensuring maritime safety and supporting the fishing community.