By Yogi Ashwini

Understanding this is a sadhna…which can span lifetimes or be accomplished in a moment just, a beautiful journey bestowing myriad siddhis enroute…

Shiv is an experience. This experience begins at the feet of the Guru and unfolds as per the capacity of the sadhak.  Ravan composed the Shiv Tandav Stotram to describe it. Adi Shankaracharya said ‘na paapam, na punyam, na saukham, na daukham...’ to describe what it’s not. These were the Shiv sadhaks of finest quality, a rare phenomenon. What they described was their experience of Shiv; Shiv however is beyond description, for what is limitless cannot be bound in words and meanings. So no amount of reading and writing can grant you the experience, to get that experience you need to tread the path of sadhna, under a Guru.

The first experience of Shiv is the shakti of Guru. As you walk the path shown by Guru, something that you were wanting manifests in your life. It could be health, relationship, job etc. That becomes your experience of the Shiv tatva - that which has manifested the un-manifested. There are as many examples of such manifestations at Dhyan Ashram in present times as there are narratives from past of sadhaks who were able to get the boon they desired. That ‘boon’ or manifested desire, however is only an aspect of Shiv. 90% of the people get satisfied with the experience and their focus shifts from Shiv to that ‘thing’ which they wanted. So the experience of Shiv for them gets limited to that. A thousand names of Shiv, stem from here. Those who don’t let their focus shift, move further into the dimension of Shiv. Next, the subtler siddhis of yog start manifesting – clairvoyance, clairaudience, premonition, extrasensory perceptions etc. Many take this to be the ultimate and end their experience here. They immerse themselves in the siddhis and powers so acquired and forget that this too is just an aspect. The finer sadhaks progress ahead where they start interacting with the energies that run creation, aiding and assisting them in the process of Creation.

Mentioned above are just some siddhis, the domain of Shiv however is endless. The key to accessing it is vairagya (detachment). The moment one gets attached to any aspect of Shiv or siddhi that it bestows, the upward progression stops. Vairagya is possible only when one has the gyan of reality and gyan is possible only when one is able to sit in dhyan. Dhyan happens only when one has accumulated good karmas, which are acquired from seva or service. Seva, is the first step. It is through seva that one increases the size of their container or the experience of Shiv that one can hold. This Shivratri, embark on the journey to increasing the size of your container…to experience Shiv.

Shiv is real, not a myth. Shiv is all encompassing. All are accepted in the abode of Shiv – bhoot, pret, pisach, yaksh, kinnar, naag, dev, danav, humans. You don’t have to be of a special caste to experience the various dimensions of Shiv.

Shivratri is the night of Shiv and Shakti, the night of merger, the night of completeness. Guru, on the night of Shivratri, awakens the power of Shiv and Shakti in each and every one who follows the path shown, without exceptions. In my journey of 25 years, I have yet to come across a sadhak who under Guru Sanidhya has not experienced Shiv. The seva and sadhna performed on this night grants one the experiences and siddhis of many lifetimes, in just one night. It is a 100% science, not a religion. Try and test it for yourself. For darshan of Shiv and aawahaan of its Shakti, you may attend the Mahashivratri yagya at Dhyan Ashram.

Yogi Ashwini is the Guiding Light of Dhyan Foundation and an authority on the Vedic Sciences. His book, 'Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension' is an acclaimed thesis on anti-ageing. Log onto to for more