With all Indian airlines refusing to fly the MP who had bashed up an airline official, and with political leaders not willing to give up their fists and chappals, it looks like a stand-off is on the cards.

“The only thing we can do,” said a worried official of the government, “Is to have another mode of transport for our political leaders, where their violence need not be curbed and will not be noticed by the public!”

“Why not have an airline especially for them?” asked his assistant brightly. “We could even call it PoliticAir!”

“That’s a very interesting thought!” said the official, looking at his assistant with admiration, “An airline that caters only to our political leaders!”

“We could have robots as flight attendants, steel ones, so they can be punched, kicked, slippered and thrashed, but have the flexibility to rise again and serve without a change in expression!”

“And without making such a hue and cry over some measly twenty- five slaps!” sighed the official. “We can even have punching bags dropping instead of oxygen masks so our revered leaders can vent their anger on flight whenever they want! There’s so much for them to be angry about, with all the stone throwing, and other acts of violence all over the country! Those punching bags will help bring peace to their troubled minds!”

“Sir!” said his assistant, “We may have to build special airports for them. The counter staff at our present airports won’t handle them! The country will need funds for this!”

“Of course!” said his boss, “We just add on a VIP Fly Tax on top of the airport tax, on top of the travel tax, the fuel surcharge and flying insurance! There’s nothing in our country that’s unsolvable!”

“What about the pilots sir? They may refuse to fly?”

“There is no problem that is unsurmountable,” said the official with a smile, “Every politician will be given a crash course on flying as soon as he or she is elected! And since we are a democracy, they can elect one from their midst to fly them on every flight! Come let us go and tell our minister sahib this new idea, and get it implemented!”

The official and his assistant walked down the corridor to their boss’s office. They opened the door, at the most inappropriate time, as a slipper thrown by their master hit the official, who fainted.

“Take him away!” shouted the political leader angrily, “Did he have to open the door, just when I am practicing my slipper throw? Anyway, what did he want to tell me?”

“Nothing sir,” said the assistant looking at his fallen senior with dismay, “Nothing! He just wanted to wish you a safe journey as you drive back and forth to Delhi..!”

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