By Yogi Ashwini

Hanuman is the giver of gyan. When there is gyan, avidya vanishes. And then automatically all the problems also go away. All our problems stem from avidya. Avidya, which connects us with the unreal. It is because of avidya that a human being attaches him/herself to health, finances, relationships, social status etc…all of which are unreal. Unreal because, they are temporary and are bound to leave us, and when they leave, they leave us in pain. Think about it, is there anything in the physical world which you can hold on to, or which will not leave you? Even your own body is not your own and will be left behind. Yet all our life we keep chasing the temporary and getting troubled by it – this is avidya.

There is a famous episode from the life of Hanuman, where as a child he swallows the sun. Surya is the epitome of gyan, in being inside Hanuman, it is indicative of all the gyan of creation residing in this mighty energy.

Let us distinguish gyan from knowledge here. Gyan is the experience which you live through, it is granted by your Guru. Knowledge, is for the brain. The former dissolves the ego, the latter makes it shoot up, tying a being further into unreality and taking him/her away from reality. Ego, in fact, is considered as one of greatest barriers in yoga.

Take a look at majority of the learned men around you, you will find their egos touching the sky. Hanuman, on the other hand, was a gyani. An incarnation of Rudra aspect of Shiv, he was unparalleled in might and power and abilities, yet he made his place at the feet of Lord Rama. He was a gyani and so he dedicated his life to supporting the incarnation of Vishnu in its task of preserving the Creation.

Hanuman Jayanti marks the day when this phenomenal shakti took an earthly form. The energy of Hanuman exists on earth even today, but in a semi-dormant form, as there is no one to awaken them.Hanuman Jayanti is powerful day to awaken the force of Hanuman, through specific mantras and yagya, as prescribed by your Guru. This normally has the effect of wish fulfillment.

At Dhyan Ashram, a specific yagya is performed on this pious day to awaken this force, all are welcome to experience the effect of this awakening.

It's essential to awaken this dormant force.....what other day than Hanuman Jayanti!

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