’Twas just a while ago, I’d mentioned the Statue of Liberty taking a walk, and it happened again as two weeks ago Liberty got off her pedestal and took a train to Washington DC. It is not everyday that New York looks out across the bay and sees only empty sky where the statue stands. It is not everyday that passengers see such a strange figure traveling with them to the capital.

“Where are you going Liberty?” asked a commuter on the train.

“To meet Democracy!” said the Statue of Liberty.

“Couldn’t Democracy have come and met you, instead of you doing this long journey?” asked a little girl looking at Liberty’s long tresses.

“Democracy is under siege!” said Liberty, “I need to meet her and sort this out!”

“Sort what out?” asked the same commuter.

“That without Democracy there is no Liberty!”

“You planning to meet the President?” asked another commuter down the long aisle.

“He’s the one holding Democracy captive!” said Liberty, “So I’m certainly going to meet him!”

The train screeched into Washington and Liberty walked onto the platform. “Put your hands up, you’re under arrest!” said a policeman, holding his gun.

“I’m Liberty!”

“There ain’t no such thing anymore!” said the policeman handcuffing Liberty and taking her to jail. “We’ll be keeping you in this cell, with this fellow!”

“Hey that’s Democracy!” said Liberty entering the cell and looking at a frightened little fellow, “What have they done to you? You’ve shrunk!”

“No food!” said Democracy.

“Why aren’t you feeding him?” Liberty asked the jailor.

“He wants special food,” said the jailor, “He says he wants to enjoy the Constitution, feed on his Rights and taste Free Speech once again! He says that his food!”

“It is,” said Liberty, “and it’s mine too!”

“You mean you going to starve too in jail?” asked the jailor cruelly.

“Without our special food which we as Democracy and Liberty feed on, we will surely die!” said both Liberty and Democracy together.

“This is the only food we can give you!” said the jailor.

“What’s that?” asked Liberty.

“It’s Presidential Ordinances, mixed with Vetoes, garnished with a sprinkling of Hiring and Firing directors and officials. Tomorrow’s food is Police Rule and Citizen Surveillance!”

“Oh my God!” whispered Liberty, “Is this what they have been trying to feed you with?”

Democracy nodded.

“I need to speak with the President!” shouted Liberty.

“Well ole gal you’ll have to wait,” said the jailor taking back the food, “He’s with the Russian President, learning PutinRecipes to feed our people with!”

According to latest reports, Liberty and Democracy are still waiting to be released as America’s President learns new recipes to feed to his people.

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