There’s no automated car wash around where I live, no fancy water jets that spray my car while I sit smiling inside, imagining I’m under the Niagara. All we have are car washers who walk from car to car every morning, and clean the outsides and insides with cloth and water.Have been quite happy with the arrangement till a friend, who sometimes travels with me, pointed to a stain in the cup holder, “Don’t you have someone to wash your car Bob?”

That’s when I vowed to catch the car washer at his job.

I watched next day as he walked to my car, his movements smooth and fluid; in a single gesture, he dipped the already dirty cloth into a bucket of greyish brownwater and continuing the cycle, the cloth came out wet, and was splashed onto the sides of the car. I watched, dirty grimy water trickling down, then the wiping of same water at a speed which would have left my windshield wipers ashamed. In a jiffy, he’d finished my car, moved to my wife’s car, then repeated the same with my daughter’s!

Three cars washed in a few moments. Three cars a little dirtier than before, washed with a filthy rag, with deft, convincing gestures.

I see those same gestures fooling the rest of the world. Even nations that have automatic car washers are fooled by their president’s gestures.

A truck mows down innocents on a cycle track in Manhattan, “We’ll give him the death penalty!” gestures the country’s president.

Corruption is rampant in the Indian sub-continent, “Demonetize!” gestures the prime minister.

Terrorism gets rampant in England, “Brexit!” screams the English Prime Minister.

And fooled people believe their nation is washed clean.

I remember getting into my car, my newly washed car, and my friend looking at the cupholder and his nose wrinkling up.

Noses are wrinkling up today in the world. In the USA people wonder whether the quick twittering gesture their president uses is dirtying their country more than ever before.

In India, reports from financial papers and experts suggest the Indian economy took a nosedive after the car washing demonetization gesture that the prime minister so thoughtlessly made.

In England it’s the same, as the English gestured to move away from Europe and face the crumbling of their already crippled economy as they try to stand alone.

Closer home I see such car washing gestures in social clubs that are supposed to have dental, diabetic and cancer camps for the poor, having them instead, in places where only the rich will benefit.

Empty gestures, futile, useless, pointless, and all in vain!

Terrorists continue attacking.Gunmen continue shooting.Black money continues increasing, and the poor continue dying of diabetes and cancer, as the car washers in suits, skirts and Modi jackets, fool their people with deft, deceptive, defectivegestures..!

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