As I see America’s Trump and India’s Modi blundering their way through their terms, I wonder why, and a thought flits through my mind;they don’t understand,democracy has no kings!

The only ruler democracy has, is Democracy herself, and she wants no rivals to her throne!

“Look at me!” shouted Modi as he wore a pinstripe suit on one of his earlier occasions, and as his citizens enlarged him on their mobile phone cameras, they gasped to see that what they thought were pinstripes were not ordinary stripesbut his name gloriously racing across yards of his suit!

Democracy shuddered and the people did too!

And Trump, as he sits in yonder Oval Room and tweets to the rest of the world his thoughts and feelings suddenly sees that instead of his citizens gathering same tweets and thoughts together and bringing them out in a book, called ‘Trumpeter!” or, ‘Kingspeak!’ or ‘Donald’s Quacks’ finds they are regarded as a schoolboy’s daily tantrums!”  

Democracy brooks no rivals especially those who want to enhance their names!

The only one allowed on the throne of a democratic nation is Democracy herself! The rest including a prime minister or president or chancellor sit at her feet, along with the rest of their senate or parliaments and listen in awe to her voice, not to tweets and radio broadcasts froman elected representative!And that is only what they are; mere representatives of the people!

When the poor can afford only a loin cloth, oftimes no shoes, Democracy decries, their representative,like Gandhi did, bears the same simplicity.

He represents them, not himself.

When the people especially of the US are afraid of guns from schoolrooms and bombs from Korea, their representative doesn’t tweet derogatory words to the mad Kim Jong-un, like Trump did. He treads with caution.

“Come!” says Democracy to these two representatives, “Let me teach you how to behave!”

“No,” says Pinstripes, “You want me to ask Parliament whether demonetization is right or not? I won’t! I order it. I pass it!”

“No!” says Blondie from the US, “You want me to open my borders to everyone?My gates are closed to those I dislike!It’s an order!”

As I look at Pinstripes and Tweeter, I whisper, “Can you not see the throne in front of you?”

“What throne?” both shout.

“The throne on which Democracy sits!”

They look at me, and shout again, “It’s we who sit on the throne!”

Then, in the distance I hear the beginnings of Democracy’s roar. A roar of anger, and soon with a mighty voice proclaims, “There is only one ruler, Democracy has, and that is Democracy herself, and there is only one throne on which she sits; the throne of the Constitution of the Country!

Democracy has no kings, these two will soon realize..!

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