The way things are happening, I envision and shudder at the day when Donald Trump and his once sworn enemy Kim Jong-un become the closest friends in the world. With Donald promising to have a meeting with Kim and sorting things out, I can imagine how they’ll hit it off, “Hey Donny!” shouts Kim as he breaks protocol, when Airforce One lands in Pyongyang and rushes across the airfield to hug Trump, “Hey Donny, nice haircut, who’s yer barber?”

“Some Korean chap by the name of Jing Ling-un!” says Donald with an air of dismissal. “he’s here, traveling with me on Airforce One!

“That’s my cousin!” shouts Kim, “He ran away leaving me with this awful haircut, nobody knows how to cut hair like he does! Could I have him back Donny? I’ll even turn those missiles away from America!”

“You will?”

“Yeah, but you gottagive Jing Ling-un back!”

“Turn those missiles away first!” says Donald every inch a businessman negotiating a deal.

“Turn the missiles away from America!” orders Kim, and Donald watches as the giant missiles are turned towards the ground.

“Well!” says Donald, “Looks like I’ve got time on my hands. You’ve turned the missiles away but I need to stay here a few more days to show I really worked hard at this deal!”

“You giving me your barber is the best deal I could have gotten!” beams Kim. “Hey Donny, you know you got very small hands!”

“So do you!” says Trump.

“D’you know what they say about men who have small hands?” giggled Kim

“What?” asked Donald, suddenly self-conscious.

“That they become best friends with others who have small hands!” laughed Kim as he shows Donald his tiny hands. “And do you know something else with we small hands men?”

“No!” said Trump, hiding his hands now behind his back.

“We always comb our hair in strange ways, so nobody will look at our hands, which is why I want your barber!”

“I don’t think so,” says Donald looking at his hands, “I think I’ll keep the barber, otherwise the ‘Merican people will start looking at my hands!”

“Then I’ll turn the missiles back on America!” says Kim looking dangerous.

Jing Ling-un the barber sensing trouble, comes running, “Boys, boys!” he says cheerfully, “I’ll give you both haircuts, the best in the world, meanwhile why don’t you two play boy games or start exchanging your home spun technologies?”

“Yay!” shouts Trump, “I love boy games and sharing ‘Merican technology! Aim them missiles at Syria will you! I’ll teach you what fun ‘tis to bully small countries!”

“And Donny!” shouts an excited Kim, “I’ll teach you how to keep unwanted outsiders from entering your shores!My Dad and I have been doing that for decades!”

“Yippee!” shouts Trump as he hugs his new friend, “I had a gut feelin’ this trip was gonna be fun..!”

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