Many of my friends, a few who had left the country for greener pastures outside, were quite surprised to hear Kumaraswamy’s speech accusing the BJP leaders of trying to start horse trading in the state after the elections, “I didn’t know Karnataka was into horses,” said a friend from Kentucky, as he looked out of his window onto the paddock he owned and which I’d heard had some of the best prize horses in the world, “If I’d known I would have flown some of my best ones down before the elections. I’m sure mine would have given those the BJP are after, a run for their money!”

“The BJP need those horses urgently!” I exclaimed to my horse owning Kentucky friend, “They are allegedly offering 100 crores for the trade!”  

“Hundred crores for horse trading!” asked my friend incredulously, “Let me tell you my horses are better bred than what Modi or Amit Shah want!Can you call and tell them that? Mine are of pedigree stock, some have blue blood in their veins, some, their ancestry from Arabian forefathers! What kind of pedigree do these Karnataka horses have?”

“Basically fourth or fifth standard pass!” I said lamely, “Quite a few are drop outs!”

“There I told you! Mine are thoroughbreds, who can run a whole race, maintaining the same speed and length and giving huge returns to the owner!” whispered my friend urgently, “Please tell Modi that. Do you think those horses he is thinking of buying can last the whole race?”

“No!” I said, “Quite a few of them have already shown signs of giving up if offered the right incentives!Others may withdraw midway if offered more oats or if promoted to head horse or if offered a jockey position!”

“Exactly!” said my friend, “That’s what I’m trying to say, the BJP should stop buying those lame horses and look for others! Whose stables are they buying from?”

“Rahul’s and Gowda’s,” I whispered.

“They’re losers!” said my friend, “Nobody will bet on them!Rahul’s may have been good around 1947, but ever since then they’ve lost their goal and purpose, and who’s this Gowda?”

“His father was once prime minister of India!” I said.

“Never heard of him!” said my friend from Kentucky, “forgive me but quite a few of your PMs didn’t do much but sleep!”

“Yes I know!” I said sadly, remembering a picture of the same Gowda fast asleep.

“You tell Mr Modi not to waste his hundred crores on those horses!” said my friend urgently, “Tell him there’s better horses elsewhere, though as a horse breeder I’d advise him to rear them himself!”

“He tried!” I said quietly, “But he needs eight horses more!”

“Tell him not to horse-trade, “ whispered my friend, “Just be patient for another four years and breed his own horses..!”

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