There was profound darkness. The ethereal, enchanting moon was right ahead. Vikram had set on secret mission. It was named Chandrayaan. He was on the right path. It should now take only a few hours to reach the goal. The journey was time taking and boring, though. So, Betaal started narrating a story, under the condition that Vikram should not open his mouth. And if he does so, he would lose Betaal.

The story began. It was a very interesting, captivating, gripping, nail biting story. The heart beat of millions of Indians was beating fast. Now the story had a suspense in the end, very much like the Saas-Bahu Indian serial that shows the entire length of the man in the end, except the face. So, Betaal puts a tricky question in front of Vikram. If he answers it wrong then the Lander and Rover both would meet their end. The North pole was only a stones-throw distance away. It was only a matter of time. But Vikram had to take a wise decision. He chose to reply. It happened to be the right one. And lo! The moment Vikram opened his mouth, Betaal dodged him and flew towards the South Pole. Vikram chased him there and finally landed in the South Pole of the moon. He secretly smiled triumphantly. After all he was the first one to land on the South Pole of this beautiful celestial body. What a feat! Roars of claps could be heard from far across the distance. It was a jubilant moment. Mission Chandrayaan was finally successful.

-Nazima Parveen