- Nigel Charles St Romaine


The military truck braked to a halt

She gazed, her eyes tearless

As the  army pall bearers

Gently shouldered the corpse

Her warrior brought home in a box


As a boy he was a handful

Her pampered little brat

Never was a day without a spat

With boys who tried to bully

He fought like a raging bull

And all she dreamt

That someday for the nation

The enemy he'd crush and combat;

Guarding the frontiers like a rock,

But alas! Her warrior, came home in a box.


Maturing into a strong young lad

In the army he enlisted

Of the perils he worried a tad

But she urged him on

Grooming him to be a man

As he developed without a dad

Making her proud, none who'd mock,

And yet her warrior came home in a box.


A true son of his mother

Loyal to the nation

Fighting to protect the masses

Valiantly he took every bullet head on

Never showing his back to the enemy

He stood his ground,

Making every round count,

Eliminating them like a blood hound

He fought till the end,

Silence at last

His pocket watch went tic toc

And her warrior came home in a box...