By Nazima Parveen

The clouds are dense and heavy, ready to offload the tiny particles of rains. There’s a lot of tussle and bang amongst the raindrops. The reporter and the photographer are there to capture the event. Say cheese and there goes the flash, a forked one!...The cloud can no more contain this restless torrent. The security guard unlatches the exit door…a batch of raindrops say goodbye to their abode, excited to explore the thrill of their rendezvous with “Mama Earth” in sometime.

The free fall begins. Twisting and twirling, the thin, fat tiny droplets begin their descension. The sparkling drizzle look up and ask their fellow mates to follow suit. Soon the downpour begins. The rest of the raindrops that were huddled in the cloud make their way to the ground. The adventurous ones crash land on the mountains, the naughty ones make ‘dead-stick landing’ in the paddy fields and some rogues just try to get lost in the woods. Now there are some who hear the sounds of children playing in the distance. They make haste in that direction. And all the droplets in this batch make precision-spot landing on the heads of all the kids. The splashing here and the splattering there. The mud enjoins them adding colour to the event. The raindrops are blessed to touch the feet of Mama Earth. They are hugged by every component of this earth making their stay on the earth a very memorable and pleasant one.