It has been a year since Hajee Cassim Mohammed Jadwet, the patriarch of Jadwet group of companies, passed away in Kolkata at the age of 87. On his first death anniversary, the islanders remember him for his contribution to the economy of these islands. Cassim Jadwet was the director of R. Akoojee Jadwet & Company, which was the trade agent for the British government in Nicobar group of islands. He played an important role in improving the social and economical development of the nicobarese; he introduced the concept of currency and monetary system for the first time in Nicobars, replacing the barter system. For the first time in the history of Nicobars, he generated electricity with the help of generator sets in the early 40’s. He played a key role along with Bishop John Richardson, in setting up the two apex cooperative societies in the Nicobars, Ellon Hinengo Limited and Manula Mathai Limited. He played a key role in the Nicobar group those days where the administration had a very minimal control over Nicobar group, and entire affairs used to be run by R. Akoojee Jadwet & Co. The Nicobarese consider him as the father of modern Nicobar. In the year 1958, he donated a hospital building at Malacca village at Carnicobar for the welfare of the tribal community.
A visionary by nature, Cassim Jadwet played an important role in developing the commerce of Port Blair; he started the first travel agency in these islands – Island Travels, built the first five star hotel in Port Blair, Hotel Bay Island, which was designed by the world famous architect, Charles Correa. The Light House cinema hall was also established by him. Cassim Jadwet was also a board member of the Thai India Steel industry in Bangkok. Last year in March, the Honourable Lt. Governor, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Bhopinder Singh, PVSM, AVSM, released the book titled “The Jadwet Saga”, which was an autobiography penned down by Late Hajee Cassim Mohammed Jadwet.
The Nicobari community, islanders and the members of the Jadwet family remembers this great legend on the occasion of his first death anniversary.