This is not a time to crow.

Though the galvanising of thought and ideas were hugely successful, though the Constitution of the country has been saved, yet it is not a time to crow over one’s victory.

There were many who dreamt of a Rajya that would be of one religion superseding others. There were many who dreamt of being the first among equals, and their dreams have been gently laid aside by the electorate, but that doesn’t mean we who laid such ideas aside, crow over this.

This is a time of healing.

My mind goes to a huge magnificent incident, where witnesses of the event could have gone berserk with jubilation. It was spectacular, glorious, and majestic. It put to end every injustice, every humiliation that the victim had to undergo, a one-sided trial, and a barbaric crucifixion!

The event was the ascension of Christ. He was lifted up into heaven in the presence of five hundred witnesses. Not one, not two, not just his band of disciples but by five hundred men and women!

They could have raised a riot with what they had just seen; a man, beaten, thrashed, spat upon, and despised by the crowd, being lifted up, proving to every single man and woman, those in power and those who cried, ‘Crucify Him!” that He was indeed the Son of God, that indeed all He said and preached in His sermons and discourses were the gospel truth.

His followers could have gone berserk with victory, but they did not. They did not use the occasion as a time to crow, but used the time as the beginning of a time to sow.

Sow what?

Sow love to replace hate. Sow truth to replace falsehood!

Sow humility to replace pride and sow forgiveness to replace vengeance!

That’s what we need to start doing: In WhatsApp groups that were for Rahul and his allies I see sentiments of revenge and anger and abuse sprouting. In doing so, how different are you from what you fought against?

This is a time to sow love, to sow forgiveness. This is a time to build peace, harmony and sometimes like Gandhiji did, the only time to turn the other cheek at slights and hurtful statements. We need to sow, but the first point about sowing is to empty our baggage of anger and fear. We need to turn our swords into ploughshares Our daggers into embraces of love.

It’s over two thousand years since that Ascension into heaven took place and the sowing has been painful and slow, but that’s the pace of love, especially when it has to replace hate.

But, now is the time to sow, not crow...!

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