The deep ocean, vast sky and the gigantic mountains: all have a great possession in bringing about a harmonious balance for man-kind. For years, man was truly connected to nature, perceptibly with the flow of energy from the universe. Most of our ancestors connected to it, experienced it and transferred it, a huge knowledge that remained deep within one’s self called self realisation. Somewhere deep in the mountains of Japan, here is a man that experienced this energy flow called REIKI (REI: Universal consciousness and KEI: Life energy). Dr. Mikao Usui brought it to the forefront of this simple universal energy healing, which today has millions of followers around the globe.

So how does Reiki work? We have Aura surrounding us, the proof of which has been the images captured by Kirilian cameras. The main component of this aura is the energy body. Reiki works by healing this energy body, which in turn heals the emotion or physical body. Therefore it can be used to heal physical or emotional issues like chronic pain, allergies, depression, and anxiety. The whole universe can also be seen as many different variations of energy. The emotions, situations, dreams, spaces all of them are energy equations. This factor gives reiki a certain edge. It can be used for cleaning, healing, energizing and protecting spaces, relationships, situations and much more.

Today, Reiki has become a way of life. It being a powerful technique, Reiki has been used and accepted by many, yet being a simple to practice. Being centred in a non-religious perspective, it works for all those who has the intention to heal self, others and also for those looking forward to a joyous positive life. The universe is ready with its intention; it’s time to start this new journey towards holistic healing.

Doctorate in alternate medicine (Hypnotherapy)
Masters in Applied Psycology
Reiki Master (William Lee Rand School)
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist, Tarot & Angel Card Reader.
Crystal & Chakra Healer.

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