Fourth most common neurological disorder affecting all age group, hallmark of which is recurrent and uncontrolled jerking movements of whole body or any specific part.

In easy terms, epilepsy is abnormality in brain wiring that occur during brain development or some physical or emotional stress.

Does your kid or anyone in the family suffer from any one below mentioned signs and symptoms?

• Brief loss of consciousness

• Muscular rigidity

• Clenching of teeth

• Jerky movements of whole body or any particular part

• Along with any such accompanying symptoms like involuntary urination and/or stool, rolling eyes upwards, bending head back, frothing during attack etc.

Causes of epilepsy:

• Low oxygen to brain during birth

• Any infection in brain

• Injury to brain

• Brain tumors

• Emotional instability of mother during pregnancy

• Abnormal brain development

• High blood pressure during pregnancy

• High and prolonged untreated fever

Homoeopathic Approach

As by now, we all know that ‘Homoeopathy treats the man in disease, not disease in man’. For epilepsy, homoeopathy has wide range of medicines with wonderful results like:

• Art. v. – It’s the prime remedy used by homoeopaths to treat epilepsy in children and girls near puberty.

• Cuprum met – It’s given in condition where attack comes with blueness, which starts in fingers and toes.

• Stramonium – It is the remedy having fright and fear in its base in connection with epilepsy.

• Zinc. met – It is prescribed when there is violent restlessness, pale face especially in children and generally occur post skin treatment.

• Etc.

Now, as we see that we have mentioned very few remedies indicated for epilepsy. In homoeopathy, we have numerous medicines to counter epilepsy but they need to be prescribed with detailed evaluation of patient. Every patient of epilepsy might require different medicine as per the cause and how disease is presenting itself.

We need to search for the root cause present in history. That is why a classical homoeopath relies very much on detailed case taking.

Please do not buy any homoeopathic medicine, tincture, patent or combination over the counter for epilepsy. Do take opinion of a classical homoeopath before any medication or self-medication.

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