By Yogi Ashwini

Yog is a beautiful journey into the physically manifested creation, enjoying the various aspects and then going beyond them into higher forms of pleasures and experiencing higher dimensions. It is the science of the Ultimate, often called the final frontier, a science that has been tried and time-tested for thousands of years, yielding hundred percent results. The various siddhis and manifestations of yog are for real and practically experienced by a sadhak as he walks the path under sanidhya of a guru.

Let us pick up a basic aspect of healing and health of human body.

For a basic experience of the power and efficacy of the Vedic sciences and their effect on the body, one may start with practice of Sanatan Kriya, which is simple to do and can be easily incorporated in modern lifestyle, and whose power is testified by leading doctors of the country.

Another tool which the vedic seers gave the human being is that of vedic yagyas. In a yagya it is important that the samidha (wood), ghrit (ghee from a cow whose calf has had its full), samagri, mantra and bhaav (thought) is pure and undiluted. Depending on the kind of yagya you want to perform and siddhis you are looking for, guru gives you the mantra, which is a siddha mantra, which the guru has done, otherwise the mantra becomes fruitless and the manifestation of your thought will not happen.

A clear-cut sign of success of yagya is the appearance of the dev purush (see picture). It can be in the form of om, a divine syllable or god or goddess or even form of your guru. When such manifestations happen and your havan is smokeless you will know that the yagya is successful.

At dhyan ashram we click pictures of yagyas and you will notice that the pictures of manifestation are unedited, as they were clicked. Also there is no smoke emitting from the fire. The divine manifestations in yagya can be used for good health or for purification of environment or for your upliftment through fulfilling the purpose that your guru chooses for you.

With the efforts of honorable Prime Minister, this phenomenal science has been reawakened and etched on the world calendar. In his speech last year the PM made two very important observations – yog is in stillness and stability and that the science should be kept away from commerce. Need of the hour is to practice yog in totality as laid down by the vedic masters.

Yog is a sadhna, not a business and the powers and siddhis of the subject can only be accessed through a guru, who is not tied in maya and does not charge you a fee. Such a guru exudes the glow and power of the science, his chants have the power to completely change the environment of a place, his gaze is energizing, his touch is healing, what he says happens, everything in the physical is at his beck and call and yet he desires nothing in the physical realm. When you come in the sanidhya of a guru, your thoughts begin to manifest, your body takes the shape you desire and experiences of the subtler worlds become real for you. That is an indication that you have found your guru and the journey of yog has begun for you.

Yogi Ashwiniji is the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.