By Yogi Ashwini

Before we move any further in our discussions on the etheric let me reiterate there that the practice of yog has to be an experiential process. The various aspects of body and beyond that are described in this series of articles is strictly on the basis of experience of sadhaks at Dhyan Ashram.Without practice and without dedication to the subject it will all be theory. Be assured that what you read here is a very miniscule aspect of what the complete practice of yog is.

Last week we had introduced the subject of Chakras. These chakras control each and every moment of our life. While we think that it is we who are controlling our actions but it is this etheric “us” which is making us act, think, work, look, feel and experience. Therefore to have a more peaceful and healthy life at the mental, emotional, physical and financial planes it is important to balance our energy centers which in turn will balance us the way we know we are.

Let us first do a quick run-through on what aspects on the physical plane are these chakras having an effect.

The Mooladhar chakra situated at the base of your spine is responsible for controlling the musculo-skeletal system. It is also responsible for all our interactions in the material world. The Swadhishthan chakra located about two fingers above the Mooladhar is responsible for controlling the reproductive system.

Manipoorak chakra situated at the naval controls the digestive and the excretory system and is also the seat of power. A weak Manipoorak chakra is also the reason for origination of fear.

Anahad chakra which is situated at the centre of the chest cavity controls the respiratory system, and the heart. This chakra is also responsible for unconditional love. Vishuddhi chakra situated in the region of the throat is the seat for higher creativity while on the physical it is controlling the thyroids, parathyroids, larynx and pharynx. Artists and people who are in creative fields have a highly evolved Vishuddhi chakra.

Agya chakra situated between the eyebrows in the physical controls the organs situated in the head region. It is also a chakra which is responsible for transformation, being the seat of Lord Shiva. It will be beyond the scope of this article to discuss this chakra in any further details.

So you see how the various aspects of ours are actually in control of our chakras and how important it is to balance them and make them healthy. Sanatan Kriya details Chakra Santulan Pranayam which when practiced regularly brings the body into a state of balance keeping it healthy & disease-free. 

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