There were tears in her eyes, my daughter’s, as she led me up to the terrace “Look what they’ve done dad,” she wept. I stared with horror. The bird, a pigeon, hung by its neck, held by a thin string, one end of which was attached to a tree. Looking with pity at the lifeless body I reached out to the dead bird and found the same string was tied all round the little mite. “They tied her up dad,” she cried and then hung her there to die!”

With so many actors and actresses dragged by narcotic authorities, either to jail or for questioning, many TV, cinema, and other fans are beginning to come up with strange thoughts and theories.

My neighbor, an old lady, who loves each new film release and insists on attending each release on the first day and first show, and is otherwise glued to her TV screen, was furious, “Why the temper?” I asked as I saw her looking out of the window.

Each successive government rewrites history, the way an author revises his books. "Look at this," says a minister in my imagination, thumbing through a book of history, "it says the English built the railways in India!"

"Nonsense!" says another minister, "Change that to the Late Vajpayee!"

I’ve found the easiest way to find a misplaced cell phone is to call my number and the find instrument ringing from under a pile of clothes, upturned book or sometimes screaming from my very own pocket, which made me wonder why we couldn’t have some such gadget for lost spectacles: Someone read my thoughts or maybe the thoughts of a billion spectacle users and losers, and newspapers say have invented glasses that whistle back at you when lost!

It was during these Covid times I wandered, worry writ on my face as bills piled up at home, and money not what it used to be, when I imagined I heard a voice ringing out to me, “Hi!”

 “Hi!” I offered back in return as a stranger with a beard longer than mine, and much whiter, looked at me with kindly eyes as he sat on a bench in the park and beckoned me to sit beside him, “What do you do with your old toothbrushes?” he asked.