How we love the preacher on TV who tells us that God intended each of us to be rich and prosperous and he will lead us to that God! He preaches what we want to hear; that religion which means the worshipping of God in a church, temple or masjid will make our bank balances grow fatter, and our work or businesses prosper.

And that’s what many of us are religious for: To get the best car in the world, maybe own a jet plane or have huge mansions.

Sorry folks I’m not really talkin’ to all you there who lie rejected on the wayside by some lover who has gone over to graze in greener pastures. I’m talkin’ of we poor writers and the continuous rejection we face as we try to build a career in writing.

- Dr. Aditya Gupta

Young Meerut professional successfully celebrated Diwali with his family after undergoing a complex surgery in his spinal cord, which otherwise could have been life threatening. After experiencing episodes of numbness and weakness in both his arms and legs, 34 year old patient Aditya Bansal had made several local consultations, where MRI of the neck revealed a non-cancerous tumor sitting inside the spinal cord.

At the age of seventy-five my father was a computer wizard. In fact I remember so well dad teaching me the basics of the machine and its technology. He was a man who never slipped into a mode of ‘so much and no farther.’ He always wanted to experiment and try out new things and never ceased to have a boyish wonder for anything different.

My neighbour who has a habit of poking his nose in my business, stood outside my house, as I dismantled the grill, unscrewed the heavy steel door, and opened the thick wooden shades, “What are you doing?” he asked.

 “Freeing the women in my house!” I explained patiently.