- *Dr Sanjay Aggarwala

More number of young adults are experiencing knee pain in the capital, according to statistics stats As many as 1 in 3 young adults experience knee pain at some time or other commonly caused by the imbalances in the muscles adjoining the knee which have an effect on the kneecap. The most common reason for the rise in pain is attributed to poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.

Suddenly many Americans are scared. “Trump won’t leave the White House!” they say, “even if he loses!” It doesn’t help that visitors standing outside the monumental presidential home in Washington imagine all sorts of suspicious activity. “We saw Trump looking from the windows!” said a visitor.

She was just seventeen, French and weeping on my daughter's shoulder as she came out of the restaurant where we'd partied last night. "What's up?" I asked my little one, "Why's she crying?"

No, I’m not speaking of China or Pakistan, as I see you pondering and wondering who else it could be!

Years ago, Prime Ministers like Indira Gandhi and others, when faced with domestic turmoil, would point the entire country towards Pakistan or China, and unite every Indian, regardless of religion or political affiliation to fight against ‘the foreign hand!’

And today, a story of Smiley from a play I had written years ago. Smiley was a convict imprisoned in one of those high security jails. Smiley used to look at the high walls that stood between him and the world outside, and longed to be free. He vowed that if he ever got his freedom, he would turn over a new leaf and become a responsible citizen of his country. “Never,” he vowed, “will I go back to crime!”