Car Nicobar, Nov. 11: The Football festival was at its peak here in Car Nicobar with the President Cup and Vice President Cup Football tournaments held one after the other. Every year the Vice President of India Cup Championship creates this kind of festive environment here. The number of spectators entering inside the Stadium too has increased over the years. Football being their favourite Sports among the Nicobarese is one obvious reason. The professionalism adopted by the organising team, in conducting the mega event is also another reason but one most popular reasons, if asked to a football fan coming out of the Stadium is the Live Commentary. A good Live commentary not only increases the popularity of the event but keeps the fans focussed on the game. This time it was O. Suleman, the commentator who kept the even going with his techniques, which was loved by all.

His style of communicating the activities of the game in action to the audience was unique. He induced enormous energy among the players, and made excitement come out from the shell, with his magical words. Even a dull looking match became alive. He doesn’t forget to mix some humorous elements in his commentary to bring some lighter moments, especially when the match gets tensed. His sensitivity towards the social issues was also reflected from his commentary as he never forgot to mention the features of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and called upon the parents to send their children to schools.  Suleman hails from the Manarghat village of South Andaman district.

Talking to ‘Andaman Chronicle’ he said that he is attached to Sports especially football. He wanted to be a sportsman and play like the other boys during his childhood but couldn’t fulfil his dreams due to a physical deformity. He then decided to take up commentary and thus he remained attached with Sports.

Suleman started learning the basics of commentary by watching the live coverage on TV. He rarely missed any opportunity to watch live matches on Television since his school days. Even after getting a job in the Statistical Department, his passion for Sports remains the same.

During the last Andaman Premier League at Netaji Stadium, Suleman stepped into the big stage and took control of the commentary box successfully. The love for the football forced him to come down to Nicobar last year for the Vice President Cup Football Championship, voluntarily. This year too was there, sacrificing his earned leaves. Andaman Chronicle salutes the determination and passion of this mesmerising talent, who has overcome life’s challenges to become an inspiration for many.