Carnic-A, Territorial Army, Education XI and Katchal enters into the Semifinals



Car Nicobar, Nov. 6: The teams of Carnicobar-A, Territorial Army, Education XI and Katchal have entered into the semifinals of the 19th Vice President Cup Football Championship. It was again a day of spectacular football today. The knock out matches have  added colours to this mega football festival. In the first quarter final played today here at Bishop John Richardson Stadium, Katchal defeated Indian Air Force Carnicobar by 5-0. The Katchal boys rather made the match one sided with their brilliant performance. Sharma for the winners scored 2 goals.

In the second quarterfinal the Carnic-A team registered their victory over Teressa by 6-2. Titus scored 2 goals for  Carnic-A. It was a jam packed stadium in the afternoon, to witness the big crucial matches. In the third quarterfinal Territorial Army defeated Carnic-B by 2-0. The players of the defending champion TA  played some aggressive football, making excellent coordination among themselves. The Carnic-B too looked threatening at times, but they failed to convert their attempts into goals.

The last quarterfinal between Wimberlygunj and Education XI was an excited match. Excellent play by  both the teams made the match unforgettable for the football fans. In the first half the match remained goal less, but in the second half The Education XI did not miss the golden opportunity of a penalty kick and scored the goal. The Wimberlygunj team then made a comeback in the match and Shamsuddin scored the beautiful equalizer. Later both teams scored one goal each and the score remained 2-2 till the end of the prescribed time.

In the given extra time of play, Education XI scored the crucial goal and won the match by 3-2. It was a tight match and people enjoyed every bit of it. Surya from the WG team was the other scorer, whereas Russel, Vivian and Alpolonius were the scorers for the Education XI.

Semifinal matches will be played tomorrow.

Match Schedule

First Semifinal                    Carnic-A  vs  Territorial Army                       12.45 PM

Second Semifinal             Education XI  vs  Katchal                                                2.30 PM