Car Nicobar, Dec. 17: (Report) The Divine day of Christmas is still ahead but the traditional festivity has already begun at Car Nicobar. People have transformed this anxious wait for the day, into Celebration. Christmas carol has already started from the 26th Nov, when the Carol Singing team of Nancowry visited the Island.

The team first visited the Kakana village and was impressed by the hospitality. The local carol campaign kicked off on 4th December, and the first local team of Saint Stephen Church of Kakana village set the trend for others to follow. 

Every Church has been given Schedule of the Carol March.  The team leaves its local church offering prayers and then marches ahead with its melodious songs to the other villages.  It‘s a whole night journey for the team, but the enthusiasm never gets low. The passion for celebration of a Nicobaris gets mingled with the spirit of devotion to GOD and thus the whole Universe seems a global village to him where he feels the warmth of relationship. The choir spreads the message of peace, Brotherhood and humanity through their melodious songs.

Yesterday it was the turn of Malacca village. The Carol party assembled at the St. Mary Magdelene Church in the afternoon, and after offering prayers, the convoy of around 500 devotees left for Kakana village under the leadership of their village captain Mr. Herbert Sen an Ex-National Footballer. 

Meanwhile all arrangements at the Saint Stephen Church had been ensured. Kakana is the village of the Great Generous Captain of Kakana, Late Padmshree Edward Kuchart, who donated his land to the Govt. for developing Air Strip at Car Nicobar. The Carol party was welcomed by the village Captain Gabriel Simon and large number of villagers. After the traditional Prayers in the Church, the Carol team mesmerized everyone present over there with their melodious songs.

One Youth from the visiting Malacca team Rufus told that the best singers of the village get this opportunity to be the part of the carol team. After the visiting choir, the host singers took control of the guitars and expressed their gratitude towards the visitors for coming to their village, through their melodious songs. The musical magic continued for around two hours and then the visitors were invited for the refreshment at the community hall adjacent to the church.

Rufus explained that the ceremony is meant for the distribution of the gifts. The names written on the packets and labels were announced and visitors collected them from the respected member of the host village. The gift packets had only receiver’s, name as giver’s name is never mentioned in the packet. The visitor became curious to find it out who was his well wisher to offer him a gift.

Apart from the packed gifts, livestock were also seen in the gift gallery. Poultry, goats and pigs were also offered as gifts. The strong attachment to their unique culture was clearly reflected. After the gift distribution ceremony the Captain of the visiting team Malacca Mr. Herbert Sen acknowledged his gratitude to the hosts for the hospitality and gifts.

The team then left for their next destination which was Parka, a village adjacent to the head quarter area. It was already 8 pm. There also the same customs were followed. The entire village was present to welcome them. After covering Perka the team proceeded to Tamaloo village. The team returned around 10 AM on the next day after covering Chukchucha, Kinyuka, Mus, Sawai, Arong and Kimius villages.