Port Blair, Dec. 18: Instances have come to notice where foreign nationals wish to access the Southern group of Islands, due to a misconception that Campbell Bay is open for foreign Tourists. It is brought to the notice of general public, Hotel/Resort owners and Tour Operators that as per Circular No. 215 of Ministry of Home Affairs, (Foreigners Division), the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, being the restricted area under the Foreigners (Restricted Area) Order, 1963, no foreigner can enter or stay in the Southern Islands without obtaining a permit from the competent authority. At present, foreigners can visit the following places for thrity days after obtaining a Restricted Area Permit from the competent authority which is extendable for a further 15 days.

Day & Night visits allowed: i. Municipal Area, Port Blair, ii.  Havelock Island, iii.  Long Island, iv.    Neil Island, v. Mayabunder, vi. Diglipur, vii. Rangat

Only day visits allowed: viii. Jolly Buoy, ix.   South Cinque, x.  Red Skin, xi. Mount Harriet and xii.  Madhuban

The matter of opening of more locations in Andaman and Nicobar Islands for promoting tourism has been under active consideration of the Government of India for quite some time. It has now been decided to open the following additional places for foreign tourists in Andaman and Nicobar Islands: -

A. Places opened subject to special permission of the UT Governments) for day & night

(i)  Entire Island of Middle Andaman, Excluding the tribal reserve area.  (ii) All Islands in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National ark except Boat, Hobday, Twin Islands, Tarmugli, Malay and Pluto (Night halt in these Islands subject to special permission of the UT Governments). (iii) Entire Island of South Andaman excluding the           tribal reserve. (iv) Baratang Island. (v)  North Passage Island. (vi) Little Andaman Island excluding the tribal reserve.

B. Places opened for day visit only. (i) Ross Island. (ii) Narcondum Island. (iii) Interview Island. (iv) Brother Island. (v)  Sister Island. (vi) Barren Island – restricted to visit on board vessels only with no landing ashore.

All hotel/resort owners and Tour Operators are requested to advise the foreign nationals not to proceed to the Nicobars or Southern group of Islands (beyond Hut Bay) unless expressly authorized by the Government.