Port Blair, May 10: The Andaman & Nicobar Teachers’ Association through its General Secretary Shri Suresh Narayan has strongly objected to the manner in which experience certificates have been provided to teachers for appearing in the UPSC for the post of Principal, Lecturers etc. In a letter to the Chairman UPSC, the Association wrote that there are many complaints from the candidates, who have applied for the posts of Principals, Lecturers, Deputy Education Officer, Deputy Director etc. in the Directorate of Education, A&N Administration.  
It was further mentioned that the basis for the short listing of the candidates was by counting the experience higher than the minimum prescribed ie, 10 years’ experience of teaching in a Secondary School or an Intermediate College i.e. having served in a domain involving comprehensive educational practices, strategies, planning and administration. 
Such being the case, if allowed, a Primary School Teacher having served in a Secondary/Sr. Secondary School (having classes 1 to 10/12) for 10 years added to his/her service in a Primary/Middle Schools for say another 10 years having not explicitly spelt in the experience certificate would be duly considered as against a Post Graduate Teacher who must have put in a total service of say 15 years in a Secondary/Sr. Secondary School teaching Secondary/Sr. Secondary classes(IX, X, XI or XII). The lacuna in the experience certificate may benefit many undeserving candidates and at the same time inflict a lifetime career loss to the deserving lot which is not at all justifiable. 
ANTA therefore appealed to the Chairman UPSC that Experience Certificates in respect of short listed candidates may be thoroughly scrutinized once again and if the contention leveled is found to be true, the said interview may be cancelled to prevent any damage to the deserving candidates and at the same time check the entry of less experienced candidates to an administrative post.