Car Nicobar, June 28: KVK, Nicobar has conducted two training programme for the benefit of the stakeholder of Car Nicobar. The first programme on “Post Harvest Management and Value Addition of Horticultural Produce” was conducted from 16th to 18th June, 2011 in the presence of Chief Guest Sri. Thomson, 1st Headman and Guest of honour Sri. Rufus 2nd Headman at Community Hall of Kinyuka Village, Car Nicobar. The First Headman of Kinyuka appreciated the efforts of KVK, Nicobar in imparting skills and knowledge to Nicobarese for socioeconomic upliftment. He emphasised that, this type of training can help to build up small scale processing unit of locally available material in Nicobar groups of Island. A total of 20 practicing farmers, consisting of 11 Nicobarese men and 9 women participated. 
Another programme on “Island Specific Fishing Methods” was also conducted at Community Hall of Malacca Village from 20th to 22nd June, 2011 wherein Shri.Minus Arther, 2nd Headman, Malacca village and the Chief Guest asked the tribals to get maximum benefit from the training programme. He also enlightened the importance of the island fisheries and urged the tribal fishers to take up new fishing techniques shown in the training programme. Shri. Francis Albert, In-charge, Zonal Fisheries Office, Car Nicobar and the guest of Honour spoke on the role of fisheries department in developing of island fisheries. Also he stressed the importance of the fishing license and fishing boat registration in the coastal security and various schemes of the department. A total of 20 tribal fishers including one fisherwoman participated in the said training programme.